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Welcome to a media intelligence product like no other. Signal is the only provider of global, real-time unlimited information and insights driven by leading artificial intelligence.


Signal is the perfect solution for media monitoring, reputation management and market intelligence, used by the world’s most agile and successful organisations.

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Signal has developed a world-leading A.I. platform that understands everything it reads and extracts what matters. Together with our partners, we’re building an ecosystem that sits at the heart of the knowledge economy, from risk management and regulatory compliance to M&A pipeline development.

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14th March 2019

Simple PR Tricks to Maximize Media Coverage at Industry Events

The RSA conference is the information security event of the year. Discover what PR tactics smaller information security firms used to maximize their media coverage.

11th March 2019

Three Top Tips to Avoid Bad Press: Lessons from the Construction Industry

So what tactics does the construction industry employ to stay ahead of the media – or at least, minimise negative fallout?

6th March 2019

The winners and losers of MWC

Now that the conference is over, and its record-breaking 109,000 attendees have gone home, we look back at the key organisations and topics (as nominated by Ovum) that hit the headlines last week.