Make sense of the outside world with External Intelligence

Our AI crunches huge amounts of information to spot critical signals in the external noise – so you can get ahead of risk and opportunity and make confident decisions.

Unlocking new insights for informed decisions

As the volume and velocity of data explodes, decision makers struggle to understand external risks and opportunities and are making decisions in the dark.

Our External Intelligence platform extracts knowledge from over 5 million news, social, blog, broadcast and regulatory documents each day to help business leaders understand risk and opportunity and make informed, confident decisions based on data.

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The Signal AI 500 is a global reputation ranking of 500 of the world’s largest companies
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Leading organizations harness External Intelligence…

“We are constantly tracking how media interest in topics of importance to our clients develops over time. Signal AI’s data allows us to’ shrink the internet’ so that we can best evaluate what’s happening now and anticipate what’s coming next in order to make the most informed strategic recommendations to our clients.”

Jeffrey Cutler, EVP MD, US Data Analytics & Performance Marketing, BCW

Leading organizations harness External Intelligence…

"Thanks to Signal AI we’ve been able to anticipate issues that could have resulted in negative coverage for clients and we were able to help them prevent a potential crisis from ever happening."

Chase Fitzgerald, Vice President, Archetype