5 ways PR teams can help in pandemic recovery

In times of a crisis, it simply isn’t business as usual. As companies adjust to the new normal of lockdown and working from home, business objectives – and communications strategies – will need to adapt. Changes in procurement, declining budgets and scenario planning – particularly for global operations – in the face of uncertainty can give PR pros sleepless nights.

But in difficult times, communications teams have an opportunity to show strategic value and steady the ship. By staying one step ahead, the PR function can serve the wider organisation and spot opportunities that will help safeguard the future of the business in a post-coronavirus world.

In this eGuide, you’ll learn five ways to you can help your organisation recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Set up monitoring feeds for other departments
  • Monitor competitor and client activity
  • Highlight achievements, but avoid looking opportunistic
  • Understand your purpose-driven measures and their long-term effect
  • Align internal and external communication strategies
Download the eGuide.
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