8 tips to manage a PR crisis effectively

It is difficult to know how to manage a PR crisis. But once a scandal breaks, it has a life of its own. All you can do is help guide it as it grows, or withers and dies. But to do that effectively, you must stay ahead of the story. Even five minutes more buys you time to think of a response or draft action points before that first journalist phone call or emergency meeting. So getting real-time updates and coverage in a crisis is priceless.

So what can you do to effectively manage and monitor a PR crisis?

  • Stay ahead of the story to buy valuable time and stay in control - “With media monitoring: every article published? You’ve seen it first. Every rumour swirling? You’ve already briefed your CEO.”
  • Focus on actions before you focus on words - “Don’t say what you’re going to do. Stakeholders care about what you’ve already done. What steps you’ve already taken…”
  • When you are writing your statements or giving a press conference, tell the truth - “Reputation management: Manage your crisis the right way, and come out with a better reputation….”
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