Tag: Crisis Management

4th August 2020

[Webinar] Reputation Management: navigating turbulent times for long-term success

We discussed how companies can keep a long-term perspective on reputation when confronted with the challenges posed by Covid-19, systemic racism, sustainability and more.

22nd July 2020

[On-demand] Signal AI Leadership Summit

In partnership with The MBS Group and Tortoise Media, we spoke to some of the world’s top business leaders about how they are making sense of the information overload, navigating through the current crisis and making decisions in the new normal. 

22nd July 2020

[Webcast] Staying one step ahead of a crisis

Watch this short webcast to help you plan your crisis comms and spot a crisis before it impacts your company’s reputation

26th May 2020

Webinar: Global PR Measurement 101 – How to establish a framework for success

Is your global PR measurement framework working effectively? Do you have buy-in from across the regions? Establishing a framework to measure success on a global scale can be a tricky and lengthy process.

22nd April 2020

[eGuide] Five tips for PR teams to safeguard their business’ future

As companies adjust to the new normal of lockdown and working from home, business objectives – and communications strategies – will need to adapt. Learn to safeguard your business’ future amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

17th June 2019

8 Tips on how to manage a PR Crisis effectively

Once a scandal breaks, it has a life of its own. All you can do is help guide it as it grows, or withers and dies. But to do that effectively, you must stay ahead of the story. Download a copy of the ultimate PR Crisis management guide.