Tag: PR and Communications

22nd July 2020

[Webcast] Staying one step ahead of a crisis

Watch this short webcast to help you plan your crisis comms and spot a crisis before it impacts your company’s reputation

15th July 2020

[Whitepaper] Why proactivity is the key to managing a reputation

We all understand the benefits of building and maintaining a good reputation. But get it wrong and there are consequences for the entire organisation.

24th June 2020

[eGuide] Are you making the most out of media monitoring?

Is your media monitoring tool elevating your work from the tactical to the strategic? Are you able to align Communications with overall business objectives?

12th February 2020

Webinar: Breakups are hard: How to maintain good relationships with former clients

In this on demand webinar, Paul Wilke, CEO at Upright Position Communications, explains how to recognize potential warning signs, avoid break-up scenarios, and maintain healthy relationships with former clients.

14th January 2020

Webinar: Helping Leaders Take the Lead in PR and Comms in 2020

In this on demand webinar, Arielle Lapiano, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Paul Hastings, explains how to bridge the comms gap in 2020.

4th December 2019

Webinar: Brand building through the power of storytelling

In this on demand webinar Lauren Jane Heller, Director of Communications at Real Ventures, explains what makes messages sticky and how to leverage word of mouth to get your ideas to catch on.

31st October 2019

Webinar: Mastering the art of data-driven PR

In this on demand webinar Benjamin Thiele-Long, director at Cognito, showcases data-driven PR at work with examples from his own career and the wider PR and Comms industry.

24th September 2019

Webinar: How to use PR and crisis comms to manage a data breach

In this webinar Andy Black, Senior Product Manager, Louis Cointepas, Head of New Markets, and Mabel O’Reilly, Product Analyst, discuss crisis comms for data breaches.

9th September 2019

PR & Media Intelligence Glossary

The PR and comms industry is complex, with confusing jargon making it exclusive and difficult to navigate. Download the PR & Media Intelligence Glossary to demystify an entire industry.

5th August 2019

[Webinar] Don’t forget the politicians: The missing chapter of the CEOs guide to crisis management

In this on demand webinar Stuart Thomson, Head of Public Affairs at BDB Pitmans, discusses the benefits of engagement with political audiences and the steps to take if a crisis occurs.

24th July 2019

PR & Comms: Tips for managing unpredictable data breaches

Data breaches can happen at any time, anywhere, and affect any organisation. So how can you ensure that you’re prepared to deal with cyber attacks as and when they happen?

18th July 2019

Webinar: How to Avoid a Crisis Before it Happens

In this webinar Chase Fitzgerald discusses brands that have been burnt by preventable and avoidable crises