Signal AI answers the questions that matter to your business.

As the volume and velocity of data explodes, decision makers struggle to understand external risks and opportunities and are making decisions in the dark.


Our decision augmentation solution extracts knowledge from over 5 million news, blog, broadcast and regulatory documents each day, and makes the connections you can’t see so you can make informed and confident decisions.

Strategic PR & Communications

Answer the questions that underpin your strategic reputation management.

Environmental, Social & Governance Performance

Spot ESG challenges and opportunities, monitor performance, and aid your ESG decision making.

Supply Chain Risk

Understand the resilience and risk of your supply chain.

Communications Agency Partnerships

Support your clients by helping them mine the world’s data through bespoke solutions.

Trusted by...

"Thanks to Signal AI we’ve been able to anticipate issues that could have resulted in negative coverage for clients and we were able to help them prevent a potential crisis from ever happening."

Chase Fitzgerald, Vice President, Archetype

Trusted by...

"Signal AI's use of AI technology enables us to have unlimited clippings during busy times without extra cost and the flexibility of controlling our media monitoring service from our desktops allows valued agility to keep up with unpredictable and fast moving crises.”

Saleh Saeed, CEO, Disaster Emergency Committee