About Kelp Data

The AI Powered GPS for Corporate Reputation

About Kelp

We aggregate millions of data points to deliver deep, actionable insights on how to become a more valuable company.

Kelp’s technology dives deep into what drives reputation—revealing which tools, techniques, and platforms can advance any company’s reputations across a vast array of influential audiences.

That’s because, rather than run-of-the-mill surveys, our insights are fueled by:

  • 120 million relevant, omni-channel data points analyzed annually
  • Apples-to-apples analysis of 200 companies across 33 sectors
  • Deep-dives into 150 reputational topics specific to your industry
  • A.I. Powered metrics, including our custom sentiment ratings

Every action a company takes—from embracing sustainability to launching new innovations—shapes its reputation.

For the first time, you can not only quantify your reputation, but more importantly, know how you can outpace your competitors.

What we do

We tell you where you stand.

We benchmark your reputation against the best (and worst) performers. We measure up to 150 topics – from “R&D” to “Executive Presence”- across Purpose, Innovation and Performance narratives.

This means you can learn from the best in business – even if they’re not in your business.

We tell you where you’re going.

We built the most in-depth look into what shapes reputation. Our analytics suite allows you to dive into each of your industry’s reputation drivers. And with live dashboard access, you can explore and understand the winning topics across up to 200 companies.

We show the best route to get there.

Our team of analysts is here to provide in-depth looks at the narratives that make the difference, helping you and your teams identify the most important trends, and the most worthwhile bets.