Transforming decision making through augmented intelligence.

We're on a mission to change the way businesses make decisions.

Signal AI started life with three people in a garage in 2013.  A young David Benigson, working for his parents’ executive search business, found inspiration as he spent hours manually curating stories for the company newsletter sent to business leaders to help them stay on top of industry critical news.  David knew there had to be a better way, he met data scientist and ML/AI academic Dr Miguel Martinez, and the idea to use artificial intelligence to augment this process was born!  

Today we’ve grown to be one of the world’s fastest-growing applied AI companies with an impressive list of customers including numerous Global Fortune 1000 businesses, having raised more than $100m to build out our decision augmentation solution and transform the way businesses make decisions.

We're as committed as ever to our mission to transform how businesses make decisions and believe that leaders should demand the same clarity and knowledge about the world beyond their organization as they have within it.  With innovation and AI at our core, our team of bold, thoughtful, and curious innovators deliver solutions that empower our customers to make informed and confident decisions every day.

With offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong and more than 150 employees, it’s safe to say we’ve outgrown the garage!

David Benigson
“At Signal AI our vision is to create a future where leaders can spot what’s coming round the corner, remain one step ahead of the competition and are armed with the tools they need to make confident decisions.” David Benigson, CEO, Signal AI