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Information is now created, communicated, and consumed on an industrial scale. We started Signal AI to aggregate content from billions of sources from an array of channels for audiences around the world and around-the-clock. The speed, diversity and volume of information is overwhelming. The key is to discover and extract the best information at the right time from the most reliable sources. That’s why we built our business.

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The Company

The past, present and future of Signal AI


Signal AI’s Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions provide PR and communications professionals, compliance and risk experts, in-house and agency teams, and senior business leaders with the information they need to be in the know.


In 2013, like many a tech giant (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft) Signal AI started life with three people in a garage. The garage in question was located in Belsize Park in North London and belonged to the Benigson family. David Benigson’s parents not only handed over the use of their garage but were also the inspiration behind the initial idea for Signal AI. The family’s successful executive search business sent an email newsletter that they were manually curating content for on a daily basis. Compiling the most recent and relevant stories from reliable sources each day for the newsletter was laborious. The idea to use artificial intelligence to automate the process was born.


Fast forward to the present day and after a period of explosive growth, Signal AI has raised over $49.5 million in investment from four funding rounds. Investors include Redline Capital who led the 2019 Series C funding round and existing investors: GMG Ventures, MMC, Hearst Ventures, Frontline Ventures, Reed Elsevier, Local Globe, plus others. This follows revenue growth over 130% in the last 12 months and more than doubling its number of customers in the same period. Clients include Allen & Overy, Amnesty International, British Airways, E.ON, Quilter, TalkTalk, and Whitbread and numerous Global Fortune 1000 list clients include Deloitte, HSBC and MSL Group. And with more than 150 employees worldwide, needless to say, Signal AI may have outgrown the garage.


In 2018, Signal AI expanded its global footprint into the US, with the New York offering gaining traction and expansion into APAC well underway. Since the announcement of their Series C funding, Signal AI’s future plans are equally as ambitious and exciting. Plans involving the investment in the continued development of Signal AI’s technology platform, further extensions of the data coverage and sophistication of the AI, and to provide additional value for customers. The Signal AI vision remains to create a future where you, today’s business leaders, are always in the know, one step ahead of the competition in your marketplace, and armed with the tools you need to safeguard your reputation.

Data Science & AI

The AI technology that powers the Signal AI platform.


Signal AI builds artificial intelligence solutions that empower business leaders and their teams by extracting, surfacing and analysing hyper-relevant information from millions of global sources in real-time.


Under the leadership of Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder Dr Miguel Martinez, our team of data scientists and visiting researchers work on complex and ground-breaking approaches to information retrieval, natural language processing, text analytics, machine learning, topic classification, entity recognition (and disambiguation), sentiment analysis, quote and anomaly detection and data visualisation.


By combining cutting-edge techniques across these specialised areas, Signal has built a platform that aggregates content from exclusive, premium and reliable sources around the world, categorises the subject matter(s) within the article, determines sentiment, highlights quotes and displays the results in an easy-to-read format. And all within seconds of the content being published – an impossible task for your human workforce alone.


Our AI not only gives you more timely results but also more accurate results. Boolean, or elements of it power many solutions that may look similar to Signal. Boolean-powered search combines keywords with operators (e.g. AND, NOT and OR) to narrow down or broaden out a set of results. It’s a rule-based and static approach that requires ongoing maintenance. Machine learning, however, like a fine wine, gets better over time. It learns to understand context, synonyms, antonyms and disambiguate similar or identical keywords so it can differentiate articles about Apple the company from apple the fruit seamlessly.


We train our AI to accurately recognise and tag entities (people, places, organisations and companies) and topics (any subject our clients want to follow from acquisitions to workplace diversity) so they can quickly discover relevant information. And we also use analysis and visualisation techniques to display the results in various maps, tables and graphs so you can immediately act upon the information.


So whether you’re an account executive or accountant, communications director or chief executive, investor or insurer, researcher or regulator, our data scientists and engineers have developed solutions that can make you more efficient and effective at what you do.


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Social Impact

How does Signal AI give back?


Signal AI believes in giving back, paying it forward, and having a social impact. We support local businesses, charities, schools and universities with partnerships, donations, work placements and paid internships.


We provide our services to a number of charities including Amnesty International and Scholars at Risk who use Signal AI to gather, verify and conduct additional research on reports of human rights violations and attacks internationally and in the global higher education community.


In 2016 Amnesty International implemented The Digital Verification Corps (DVC) to aid in the corroboration of eyewitness accounts of human rights violations with local media reports. The verification of human rights violations is an integral stage in Amnesty’s research process and the first step in the identification of crimes. You can read more about how Amnesty International is using Signal here.


“We were able to discover relevant news from sources we didn’t know existed.” Sam Dubberley, Manager of the Digital Verification Corps, Amnesty International


We are active members of the community and have hosted a number of events to share skills such as Clojure coding to help people get a headstart in their careers. And have also raised over £1,000 for charities this year. We never miss an opportunity to have social impact by holding a charity bake or participating and donating to a good cause. Our co-founder and chief data scientist, Miguel Martinez, cycled 230km from London to Paris for Room To Read – to raise awareness and support education for children in low-income communities to drive equal opportunity.

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