Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The AI technology that powers the Signal AI platform.

Signal AI builds artificial intelligence solutions that empower business leaders and their teams by extracting, surfacing and analysing hyper-relevant information from millions of global sources in real-time.

Under the leadership of Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder Dr Miguel Martinez, our team of data scientists and visiting researchers work on complex and ground-breaking approaches to information retrieval, natural language processing, text analytics, machine learning, topic classification, entity recognition (and disambiguation), sentiment analysis, quote and anomaly detection and data visualisation.

By combining cutting-edge techniques across these specialised areas, Signal has built a platform that aggregates content from exclusive, premium and reliable sources around the world, categorises the subject matter(s) within the article, determines sentiment, highlights quotes and displays the results in an easy-to-read format. And all within seconds of the content being published – an impossible task for your human workforce alone.

Our AI not only gives you more timely results but also more accurate results. Boolean, or elements of it power many solutions that may look similar to Signal. Boolean-powered search combines keywords with operators (e.g. AND, NOT and OR) to narrow down or broaden out a set of results. It’s a rule-based and static approach that requires ongoing maintenance. Machine learning, however, like a fine wine, gets better over time. It learns to understand context, synonyms, antonyms and disambiguate similar or identical keywords so it can differentiate articles about Apple the company from apple the fruit seamlessly.

We train our AI to accurately recognise and tag entities (people, places, organisations and companies) and topics (any subject our clients want to follow from acquisitions to workplace diversity) so they can quickly discover relevant information. And we also use analysis and visualisation techniques to display the results in various maps, tables and graphs so you can immediately act upon the information.

So whether you’re an account executive or accountant, communications director or chief executive, investor or insurer, researcher or regulator, our data scientists and engineers have developed solutions that can make you more efficient and effective at what you do.

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