Social Impact

How does Signal AI give back?

Signal AI believes in giving back, paying it forward, and having a social impact. We support local businesses, charities, schools and universities with partnerships, donations, work placements and paid internships.

We provide our services to a number of charities including Amnesty International and Scholars at Risk who use Signal AI to gather, verify and conduct additional research on reports of human rights violations and attacks internationally and in the global higher education community.

Amnesty International logo yellow

In 2016 Amnesty International implemented The Digital Verification Corps (DVC) to aid in the corroboration of eyewitness accounts of human rights violations with local media reports. The verification of human rights violations is an integral stage in Amnesty’s research process and the first step in the identification of crimes. You can read more about how Amnesty International is using Signal here.

“We were able to discover relevant news from sources we didn’t know existed.” Sam Dubberley, Manager of the Digital Verification Corps, Amnesty International

We are active members of the community and have hosted a number of events to share skills such as Clojure coding to help people get a headstart in their careers. And have also raised over £1,000 for charities this year. We never miss an opportunity to have social impact by holding a charity bake or participating and donating to a good cause. Our co-founder and chief data scientist, Miguel Martinez, cycled 230km from London to Paris for Room To Read – to raise awareness and support education for children in low-income communities to drive equal opportunity.

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