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The past, present and future of Signal AI

Signal AI’s Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions provide PR and communications professionals, compliance and risk experts, in-house and agency teams, and senior business leaders with the information they need to be in the know.
In 2013, like many a tech giant (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft) Signal AI started life with three people in a garage. The garage in question was located in Belsize Park in North London and belonged to the Benigson family. David Benigson’s parents not only handed over the use of their garage but were also the inspiration behind the initial idea for Signal AI. The family’s successful executive search business sent an email newsletter that they were manually curating content for on a daily basis. Compiling the most recent and relevant stories from reliable sources each day for the newsletter was laborious. The idea to use artificial intelligence to automate the process was born.

Fast forward to the present day and after a period of explosive growth, Signal AI has raised over $49.5 million in investment from four funding rounds. Investors include Redline Capital who led the 2019 Series C funding round and existing investors: GMG Ventures, MMC, Hearst Ventures, Frontline Ventures, Reed Elsevier, Local Globe, plus others. This follows revenue growth over 130% in the last 12 months and more than doubling its number of customers in the same period. Clients include Allen & Overy, Amnesty International, E.ON, Quilter, TalkTalk, and Whitbread and numerous Global Fortune 1000 list clients include Deloitte, HSBC and MSL Group. And with more than 150 employees worldwide, needless to say, Signal AI may have outgrown the garage.

In 2018, Signal AI expanded its global footprint into the US, with the New York offering gaining traction and expansion into APAC well underway. Since the announcement of their Series C funding, Signal AI’s future plans are equally as ambitious and exciting. Plans involving the investment in the continued development of Signal AI’s technology platform, further extensions of the data coverage and sophistication of the AI, and to provide additional value for customers. The Signal AI vision remains to create a future where you, today’s business leaders, are always in the know, one step ahead of the competition in your marketplace, and armed with the tools you need to safeguard your reputation.

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