AI Insider Webinar: Media trends related to the renewable energy sector

On-demand webinar: Media trends related to the renewable energy sector

Sometimes general sector content is effective as an overview to help inform your knowledge of a sector. However, there’s nothing better than drilling-down into the news and media coverage that’s really relevant to you. This is especially the case for those working in the renewable energy sector. Analysis of media coverage of the UK energy sector as a whole just won’t cut it.

In this webinar Mark Whistler, Product Marketing Manager here at Signal AI dives into the news stories that are trending within the renewable energy sector.

Mark discusses the following:

  • Which organisations within the sector are getting the most media coverage
  • What news is impacting the wind and solar power companies in particular
  • How companies are faring on the topic of energy pricing.

This content is part of our series of AI Insider Webinars where we use Signal’s AI-powered media monitoring and intelligence platform to access and analyse content from millions of global sources to uncover new sector-specific insights.

Note: This on-demand webinar has an approx. running time of eight minutes.