AI Insider Webinar: The hot topics in logistics and automotive news

On-demand Signal AI webinar: News impacting the automotive and logistics sectors

Technology is transforming how we live, how we work, and, importantly, how we get to work. With the topic of automation at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s helpful for those in the automotive and logistics sector to have an understanding of automation and autonomous vehicles.

In this webinar Mark Whistler, Product Marketing Manager here at Signal AI reveals and analyses the two hot topics in the global news from the automotive and logistics sectors.

Mark reveals the following:

  • Where in the world is the topic of automation in logistics most prevalent? And which companies are driving these conversations?
  • Who is talking about autonomous vehicles? And how are legacy car brands getting their voice heard?

This content is part of our series of Signal AI Insider Webinars where we use Signal’s AI-powered media monitoring and intelligence platform to access and analyse content from millions of global sources to uncover new sector-specific insights and trends.

Note: This on-demand webinar has an approx. running time of 15 minutes.