Watch: Tracking messaging impact and regional influence

On-demand webinar: Tracking messaging impact and regional influence 

When it comes to charities and NGOs, one of the most significant aspects of their PR and marketing strategies is message impact and regional influence. A charity isn’t effective if everyone’s heard of them but doesn’t understand their key messaging. In a similar vein, a national or international charity isn’t functioning to the best of its ability if it only inspires small pockets of influence and engagement.

As a result, it’s important for charities and NGOs to track their messaging impact and regional influence. In our on-demand webinar Mark Whistler, Product Marketing Manager here at Signal AI looks at how key messages have landed for leading UK cancer charity, Cancer Research UK.

Mark reveals:

  • How the key messages for the charity have landed over the last 12 months
  • Which messages have had the greatest impact over the year
  • Regional variances in how messages were reported in the media.

This content is part of our series of AI Insider Webinars where we use Signal’s AI-powered media monitoring and intelligence platform to access and analyse content from millions of global sources to uncover new sector-specific insights and trends.

Note: This on-demand webinar has an approx. running time of seven minutes.