Category: PR & Communications

13th August 2019

Essential PR Metrics

Access to a media monitoring platform is just the start. You need to prioritise these essential PR metrics.

8th August 2019

Why is PR important?

There’s always a new business buzzword that will supposedly transform your brand, but PR will always be relevant. Here we answer, why is PR important?

6th August 2019

How to get the best media coverage

Getting the best media coverage for your brand is a difficult undertaking for any PR professional. Here are the steps you can take to ensure you get the best. 

1st August 2019

How does media monitoring work?

PR and Comms are hard to navigate and it is well known that media monitoring is important for businesses. But how does media monitoring work?

30th July 2019

Best practice for monitoring news and social content

Here we’ll take you through best practice for monitoring news and social content.

25th July 2019

Media coverage: what should I monitor?

To get the most out of media monitoring, you need to monitor more than just general media coverage. Here we answer the question, what should I monitor?

23rd July 2019

What is media monitoring and why is it important?

Media monitoring is the act of tracking topics across media output. Here we explain what it is and why it’s important.

3rd July 2019

The 2020 Democratic Primaries June Update

We track media coverage of the US Democratic Party presidential primaries. Following the first debates we have updated the tracker for June.

25th June 2019

The 2020 Democratic Primaries

At Signal A.I. we’ve been using AI to track media coverage of the US Democratic Party presidential primaries. Here is the data from January to May.

21st June 2019

Signal A.I. Weekly News Roundup 21 June 2019

Here we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly, in the news this week.

20th June 2019

EU Elections: Disproving Farage’s claim of BBC bias

Following Nigel Farage’s claim that the BBC didn’t give The Brexit Party enough airtime during the EU elections, we look at the data.

19th June 2019

The Dark Days of the Argentina Power Outage

In the dark about the outage? After the recent blackout in Argentina, Uraguay, and Paraguay, we shed some light on the subject.