‘We’ve never had this strategic opportunity before.’ Takeaways from our inaugural NY Exec Connect dinner

6.16.22 / 2 min read

We recently hosted our inaugural Signal AI Exec Connect dinner event at the Cipriani Club in New York. We convened over 20 comms leaders and experts for an intimate discussion of the opportunities in the industry, shared experiences and the influence of technology and data. Here are a few takeaways from the evening.

Using data to spot opportunities and understand competitors

Figuring out the white space is critical to developing the right messaging and thought leadership, to increase the effectiveness of the team’s activities. Speakers also mentioned how they use the data to better understand competitors beyond just media mentions, but in their thought leadership.

Data can prove the internal value of comms

When asked how they were using data, a sentiment echoed by many was demonstrating impact. Data that proves the effectiveness of campaigns and comms activities, and more importantly reputation and perception, against business goals can help to demonstrate the value of PR to those internally, sometimes to those who previously struggled to believe it.

“We use data to justify the role, to demonstrate to people internally how positive press can help us win work and attract talent.”

Reliable data helps the business answer integral questions, and makes comms strategic advisors

There was broad agreement that reliable data made it easier to tell a story to the C-suite and help them understand reputation and perception more deeply. Our attendees said it helped them to identify how they were tracking on key topics when compared with their competitors – information that was hugely valuable to the board. This behaviour elevates the position of comms and its role as an advisor to the C-suite.

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