How reputation and leadership can drive innovation

1.28.21 / 1 min read

Our final session from the Signal AI Leadership Summit 2021 featured our partner for this event, Jennifer Prosek from Prosek Partners, and Eileen Murray, Chair of FINRA, in conversation on the role of leadership, reputation and how organizations can take on the issue of reskilling workers. We heard about Eileen’s incredible career and personal story that took her to co lead one of the world’s largest institutional asset managers, co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates,

Elieen warned, “There is a tsunami coming, and if we don’t reskill people this will be the next pandemic.” Elieen noted that she was a “big advocate of AI” and that this tech can give people more information and knowledge than before.

They spoke passionately about the importance of employees as stakeholders in any business, the risks of not upskilling workers and how diversity of thought produces business models that are beneficial to investors, employees and clients alike. It was a deeply inspiring fireside, with much learning for us all.

You can read highlights from our CEO, David Benigson, here.