Why Signal AI is invaluable for new business pitches

9.5.18 / 3 min read

In many ways, agencies are unique in how they use Signal AI A notable differentiating use case is agencies using the platform to compile information and gather intelligence on their potential clients. Data and insights can be quickly found and easily exported from Signal to support with prepping for a new business pitch. News monitoring and media intelligence have been the lifeblood of Signal, but the platform provides a myriad of other benefits to an organisation including business development and competitor/market analysis.

Having worked closely with agencies across multiple sectors for many years, we’ve got a sound understanding of why and how agencies use the Signal platform and the business benefits it brings. Feedback from our agency clients is consistent: they find the platform invaluable when a pitch brief lands on their desk. Below are some examples of why and how agencies are using the Signal platform.

Unlimited media monitoring = you can perform a full due diligence

There is no cap on what you can search for on Signal AI. Unlike traditional monitoring providers, we don’t charge you based on the number of search terms or search results volumes. So for no additional cost, you can track as many organisations, people, topics and events as you want. Where other agencies might come to the pitch with limited details around brand mentions, you can come armed with:

– Share of voice compared with any chosen or perceived competitor or comparison brands
– Data on coverage of multiple spokespeople and influencers
– An overview of the brand in the context of key messages, events or themes
– A category landscape of emerging and established industry trends

And because we provide truly unlimited access, you can use Signal for multiple pitches.

Real-time media intelligence = the ‘latest news’ is from today not yesterday

Signal has developed cutting-edge machine learning and information retrieval techniques to quickly and accurately process large-scale complex content and datasets. This means the results you see on the platform are ‘real-time’ and not from the previous day like many of our competitors.

With Signal you won’t be sidelined by a relevant breaking news story during your pitch.

Editable searches = customise what you see at any point in time

With Signal the power is in your hands. Once we have trained and onboarded your team, you can create, amend and delete searches whenever you want. You don’t have to raise a change request or wait for an account manager to call you back.

If something changes at the last minute, you can update your search accordingly.

Media insights = easy way to measure and present findings

Signal distils media data into insights for you with a dashboard of fully exportable graphs and maps. The Insights dashboard is essential if you’re working to a tight deadline or looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack as it (1) visualises the media data for you and (2) allows you to drill-down on anything unusual to quickly get to the root cause.

You don’t have to sift through large datasets, analyse results and create your own graphs like you’d have to with many monitoring service providers. Export the charts and maps directly into your pitch deck and save yourself a heap of time.

Visualisations include:

– Breakdown of global coverage
– Top sources
– Mentions by location
– Brand and competitor share of voice
– Key messages over time

Want to see how Signal AI can help you win more pitches?

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