Our AI is learning new topics: Carbon Capture, Online Misinformation, Aerospace, and more

3.1.22 / 4 min read

Utilizing both artificial intelligence and human intelligence – what we call our AIQ platform – Signal AI learns and understands your decision-making context to extract and surface relevant knowledge.

AIQ is the scalable and trainable brain behind the Signal AI decision augmentation solution. It’s trainable artificial intelligence, and the more interactions that occur with AIQ, the more it understands and anticipates needs. It effectively can tell the difference between a brand name and an everyday object with the same name: consider Apple the company, and apple the fruit.

AIQ replaces tedious Boolean searches by making it possible to search for a topic (or entity) instead of every variation of that topic. For example, you search with our topic ‘Diversity in the workplace’ for every news story on the issue, without having to search for all the terms you might associate with it.

With access to knowledge from 5 million news, blog, broadcast and regulatory content each day, Signal AI leaves you with more time to spend connecting with clients, growing your business, and making informed and confident decisions.

Powered by AIQ, here are just some of the topics Signal AI has learned recently.

Buy Now Pay Later

Short-term financing that allows consumers to make purchases and pay for them at a future date, often interest-free, has been growing for years. This topic includes companies that offer BNPL plans including Klarna and Affirm. PayPal has introduced its own point of sale instalment loan program. Some credit card issuers, such as Chase and American Express, have also set up similar financing arrangements. You can imagine how much irrelevant coverage you’d see by searching ‘buy now’…

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: buy now pay later, buy-now-pay-later, BNPL, point of sale instalment loans.

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

Carbon capture and sequestration/storage (CCS) is the process of capturing carbon dioxide, formed during power generation and industrial processes, and storing it so that it is not emitted into the atmosphere. CCS technologies have significant potential to reduce CO₂ emissions in energy systems.

This topic specifically covers CCS and does not cover carbon offsetting and does not cover direct air capture of carbon.

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: Carbon Capture and Storage, Carbon Capture & Storage, carbon capture and sequestration, carbon capture & sequestration, CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage technologies, Carbon Capture and Storage advances, Carbon Capture and Storage controversy.


Aerospace activity is very diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. Aerospace engineering consists of aeronautics and astronautics. Aerospace organizations research, design, manufacture, operate or maintain aircraft and spacecraft. This topic will encompass the Aerospace industry as a whole, not just mentions of Airspace.

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: Eerospace engineering, outer space, atmosphere, aircraft, spacecraft, aeronautics, astronautics, satellites, space program, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, European Space Agency, ESA, Boeing, Airbus, SpaceX.

Online Misinformation

This topic relates to the deliberate spread of information online, often on social media platforms, that is blatantly false (the fact that the information is false may or may not be known by those spreading the news). This may be talked about in the context of technology, social media platforms & regulating online misinformation. Online misinformation might encompass conspiracy theorists, the deliberate spreading of fake news for political gain, deliberate defamation of prominent individuals. The topic is designed to pick up articles related to fake news or online misinformation. It is not designed to predict articles as fake news directly.

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: fake news, online disinformation, anti-misinformation, misinformation on social media, conspiracy theory/conspiracy theories, freedom of speech online / free speech online, fact-checking online, regulation of social media.

Public Debt

The total amount of debt owed at a point in time by a government or state to lenders. A broader definition of government debt may consider all government liabilities, including all current pension accounts as well as all legally binding contracts for goods and services both internally and internationally, due by a given date.

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: Government debt, public interest, national debt and sovereign debt.

Video Games

This topic will focus on the video game industry and surface any articles that relate to gaming within this space. The topic will not cover gaming that relates solely to the betting and gambling industry but will instead focus on video and computer games played recreationally or in competitive gaming.

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: Video Games, Video Gaming, Video Game Gaming, Computer Gaming, Mobile Gaming, Gaming Industry.

Substance Abuse/ Drug Abuse

Formally defined as the continued misuse of any mind-altering substance that severely affects a person’s physical and mental health, social situation and responsibilities.

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: Substance abuse, substance misuse, drug abuse, substance-related disorder, alcohol abuse, cocaine abuse, opioid abuse, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, heroin, cannabis, drug misuse, prescription medication.

Legal Technology

This Topic should return articles about existing or developing technologies bringing automation and optimisation to the legal field. This includes the application of AI and machine learning.

The keywords you’d have to add to your boolean search: legal tech, legal technology, document automation, electronic discovery, document storage.

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