Out of Office: We’re celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day

8.8.21 / 2 min read

We had the spotlight on Mental Health at Signal AI last week to mark global Mental Health Awareness day on Sunday 10 October. The last 18 months have been particularly challenging as we all grapple with Covid-19, racial inequalities, violence against women and the climate crisis, so we know taking care of our mental health and each other is more important than ever.

As we’ve returned to the office in our Hybrid set up, we’ve been loving the positive impacts of social connection that we’re experiencing from spending more time together face to face (as well as still having the flexibility to do what we need when we’re at home).

We’ve had a range of activities throughout the week from virtual yoga and awareness training to a leadership mental health panel where our executive team reminded us that mental health affects us all. We’ve gifted pot plants for our desks and sent hundreds of Gratitude Grams across the company, allowing Signallers to share their appreciation for those they work with and let them know what they’re grateful for.

We’re finishing up the week with a long weekend – marking Monday 11 October as Signal AI Wellness Day. This will be a company wide day off to encourage everyone to take some time to focus on their own mental health. A day for all Signallers to do something that brings them joy – whether that’s a day at a Theme Park or a sleep in and a good book. We realise the importance of taking a step back and look forward to seeing how everyone spends their well-earned day off.