19th February 2019

ClojureBridge – A Free Programming Workshop

We are hosting ClojureBridge, a free workshop teaching the Clojure programming language, primarily aimed towards trans/cis women and non-binary people.

Automotive engine motor
14th February 2019

How Ford’s Focused CSR Message Won The Media Race

Which car companies are getting the most media coverage for their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

8th February 2019

A.I. in Energy: Hot Topic or Slow Burner?

Discover the Big 6’s media coverage relating to three key trends in the industry – A.I., innovation and renewables.

5th February 2019

On The Move: How Transport and Logistics is Getting the A.I. Treatment

Discover out what the three biggest A.I. technologies are in the transport and logistics sector.

4th February 2019

Getting The Story Across: 2018 A.I. Message Penetration in the Financial Sector

We’ve tracked 50 of the largest financial firms to see who is getting their AI message out.

25th January 2019

The Rise of the Small Energy Supplier

The UK energy market is a competitive market. We explore industry trends via media coverage.

Business news stories Carillion
23rd January 2019

2018 Business news: Carillion, high street highs and lows and 10yrs on from the financial crisis

We look at the top ten business news stories in the UK in 2018.

16th January 2019

The UK news in 2018: Brexit, Brexit and a bit more Brexit

Brexit was the number one news story based on media mentions in the UK press in 2018.

Netflix on-demand system
8th January 2019

Why go to Blockbuster when you can have Netflix?

Convenient, cost-effective, on-demand services are also revolutionising media monitoring.

14th December 2018

Theresa May’s nightmare before Christmas

We look at the media coverage Theresa May received during a particularly difficult week in UK.

7th December 2018

How foreign media impacts the revenue of UK universities

Read how foreign media helps UK universities make more revenue from international students.

6th December 2018

Five lessons for PR professionals from the smartphone market in 2018

We analysed media coverage in the smartphone market to uncover five lessons for PR’s.