[Report] The State of Corporate Reputation and Business Performance

2.8.22 / 2 min read

Reputation has never been more important for business performance. Recent research shows that close to 30% of market capitalization is underpinned by a company’s reputation.

There is a clear direction from business leaders, Boards and stakeholders to prioritize reputation and understand it as a driving factor of business performance. The State of Corporate Reputation and Business Performance report found that the majority of business leaders think reputation will be a bigger driver of business performance than profit in the next five years.

David Benigson, CEO and co-founder of Signal AI said: “The global business environment is in the middle of a quiet revolution, fuelled by the convergence of two trends: the explosion of data and the growing demands on reputation management in an increasingly complex environment, and the emergence of reputational ESG issues and their impact on corporate reputation and therefore business performance.

“From social unrest, to the climate crisis to mandated transparency on corporate governance, to the inextricable link between trust and company performance, the need to understand the external ecosystem and how the world perceives you, has changed forever.”

The report also found that ESG issues and an inability to harness data reputation will not only impact reputation, but revenue. Half of respondents estimated at least a quarter of revenue is lost by the inability to harness reputation data – if applied to the Fortune 500, a minimum of $3.5 trillion in revenue is lost by the inability to harness data around reputation.

The report is based on a survey of 1,000 C-suite executives and business leaders from large companies. Respondents were asked for their views about reputation, its impact on business performance, ESG’s impact on reputation, and harnessing data around reputation. The report also combines new data from Signal AI contextualizing the environmental reputations of some of the world’s largest organizations.

Today, Signal AI gives access to quantifiable reputation data for the first time through our API. Find out more.

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