Shaping brand reputation in the digital era: FleishmanHillard’s AI-powered approach

FleishmanHillard leverages Signal AI to identify insights and spot emerging trends in real-time
8.9.23 / 4 min read

For brands, reputation reigns supreme. It influences customer trust, attracts top talent, and fuels business growth. Put simply, a strong reputation is a cornerstone for success. Since its founding in 1946, FleishmanHillard, a leading global communications agency, has made reputation management an integral part of its core ethos. But in an era of lightning-speed information and never-ending media cycles, the agency recognized the importance of keeping pace with the changing landscape to effectively help clients build and maintain their reputation.

To meet this challenge head-on, FleishmanHillard sought innovative tools that could accurately track media coverage and measure brand reputation for one of its largest clients. It turned to Signal AI to help power a new measurement program and deliver a comprehensive and reliable source of truth on corporate reputation. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, FleishmanHillard empowered its client with real-time, actionable insights, ensuring that it could not only adapt but excel in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

The partnership redefined the client’s approach to media tracking and FleishmanHillard’s extensive feedback as a true partner propelled Signal AI’s measurement platform to new heights. Signal AI and FleishmanHillard’s collaborative relationship resulted in an unparalleled media tracking solution that not only met the client’s needs but also set new industry standards. 

The transformation of media coverage tracking

Before partnering with Signal AI, the client’s primary goal was to track media coverage and identify measurable KPIs to uncover trends critical to their success. However, manual methods often led to a flood of data which resulted in delayed insights and an inability to spot emerging trends. Given the sheer volume of data needed to fully understand the perception of the client, FleishmanHillard leveraged the Signal AI platform, along with its API endpoint Search, which enabled FleishmanHillard to search over a billion documents in order to access only the most important and impactful data points. This opened a world of possibilities to combine external intelligence seamlessly with FleishmanHillard and the client’s own or third-party data, resulting in unique and powerful insights. 

“Signal AI’s ability to filter results based on their appearance in other searches has allowed us to comprehensively analyze large sets of coverage and identify inflection points within our client’s key messaging verticals.”

By utilizing Signal AI’s platform, FleishmanHillard tracked the critical topics associated with its client and products across online content, enabling them to pinpoint messaging opportunity areas and compare media performance against competitors. This empowered the agency to better understand its client’s market position, identify opportunities for improvement, and shape narratives with informed precision. 

The Signal AI platform can quantitatively measure what topics are resonating in the media for which brands.

Ines Schumacher, senior vice president and partner at TRUE Global Intelligence, FleishmanHillard’s in-house research and analytics practice, commented, “Signal AI’s ability to filter results based on their appearance in other searches has allowed us to comprehensively analyze large sets of coverage and identify inflection points within our client’s key messaging verticals.” However, the upside wasn’t just trustworthy data; it was also efficiency. The technology enabled quick and concise reporting, decreasing the amount of time spent sifting through irrelevant coverage by 250%. Additionally, during an evolving crisis, Signal AI’s real-time alerts slashed FleishmanHillard’s response time in half.

Signal’s real-time alerts instantly surface relevant media coverage.

Empowering the future of decision-making

The introduction of a new, AI-powered measurement platform not only brought about a significant change to FleishmanHillard’s internal operations but also had a significant impact on its client. For instance, the platform’s capabilities facilitated improved event reporting, benchmarking, quick-turn crisis reporting, and real-time alerts through bulletin use. The bespoke and automated dashboards were shared across departments within the client’s communications teams, providing senior leadership and other stakeholders with quantifiable insights and timely information.

By utilizing Signal AI’s API and dashboards, FleishmanHillard created monthly reports that focused on mentions of events, executives, product launches, and more. The FleishmanHillard team also harnessed Signal AI to generate industry trend reports, adding layers of analysis to data. These reports covered macrotrends such as the percentage of target media stories covering events and product announcements. Schumacher said, “API-driven dashboards gave us the ability to contextualize our client’s media trends compared to their competitors on a product-by-product basis, and enabled us to identify what themes drove coverage not just for our client but also across their industry.” The collaboration with Signal AI allowed FleishmanHillard and its client to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving media landscape, unlocking the power of AI for strategic brand communications.

The partnership between FleishmanHillard and Signal AI marks a turning point in the world of reputation management. Armed with cutting-edge technology and the power of AI, FleishmanHillard transformed its client’s approach to media tracking, empowering them to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. By simplifying media tracking, brands can now focus on what truly matters—the meaningful data that drives informed decision-making. In this digital era, where reputation is king, FleishmanHillard’s collaboration with Signal AI stands as a testament to the power of innovation and the endless possibilities of AI-powered solutions in shaping brand reputation.

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