Signal AI Weekly PR News Roundup 4 October 2019

10.4.19 / 4 min read

Talent and tech recruitment at the MMC Ventures AI masterclass

MMC Ventures’ recently held an AI Masterclass. Our co-founder and chief data scientist, Miguel Martinez, shared his experiences structuring AI teams.

Integral to the growth of Signal AI and a seasoned commentator on tech recruitment and hiring foreign talent, Miguel explained how to source, evaluate, attract, and retain AI talent in your business. Watch the video of Miguel’s presentation below to find out more:

Source: MMC Ventures AI masterclass: Talent, MMC Ventures (11 September 2019).

Signal AI’s big day out at TEDxBonnSquare

It’s not every day that you’re invited to speak by TEDx. But Thursday 3 October saw the Signal AI team descend upon the TEDxBonnSquare event in Oxford. The day, focused on social entrepreneurship and the first TEDxBonnSquare event, is certainly one for the photo album.

Image of David Benigson TEDx talk

Signal AI’s CEO and co-founder, David Benigson, spoke at Thursday’s inaugural about Artificial Intelligence and automation. Covering topics as far reaching as the horror of imagined automated futures, the hype surrounding AI, and how augmentation is the new frontier.

Scared of super intelligent robots taking your job? Given the daily warnings we hear about AI, it’s not surprising and you certainly aren’t alone. But what will the future of work, our lives, and human experience actually look like?

As an innovative business at the forefront of AI, having been working in the space for six years, David offered the TEDxBonnSquare delegates a more measured and realistic vision of Augmented Intelligence and how it will change our lives.

So rather than super intelligent machines, it is people, and the way they work, that will be augmented and human capabilities that will be amplified and supercharged. At the dawn of the next decade, this partnership between humanity and technology is one we can be cautiously optimistic about.

Stay tuned for the video of David’s talk to find out why technology is not here to replace humans, but how it will augment us.

Sir Gibb gibbs up political communications for PR agency

Okay, so I am truly sorry for that cheap shot. But you’ve gotta gibbs me a break.

In all seriousness, it has been announced that Sir Robbie Gibb has joined the PR agency Kekst CNC. He has officially left political communications; shifting his career from heading up Theresa May’s comms team to being a senior adviser Kekst CNC.

However, Gibb is an apple that hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. With his previous experience in Downing Street and head of BBC Westminster, the move to Kekst CNC makes sense for Gibb. The agency specialises in corporate, financial, and business communications and Public Affairs. With the agency cemented “as a trusted adviser to businesses, institutions and their leaders around the world.”

His role at the agency will be to “provide counsel to boards and management teams both in the UK and internationally across a range of business-critical issues.”

Source: Theresa May’s former comms chief Sir Robbie Gibb joins PR agency, PR Week (2 October 2019).

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Three appoints Zenith to make sure 5G is in your house

5G is almost here; the eagerly anticipated mobile reception rejuvenation. Mobile signal so good you can almost taste it, or, as Three hopes, want integrate into every aspect of your life. Hence the marketing and PR campaign tagline, “5G in the house.”

But not just any house. In your house.

As Three UK kick-starts and continues its roll out of its 5G offering to UK customers, the telecommunications giant has turned to Zenith. Zenith joins Wieden & Kennedy London, Pretty Green, MRM, and Gravity Road; whilst displacing Mindshare as Three’s media agency. Zenith will work “hand-in-hand” with Three’s internal marketing team, as the telecomms conglomerate seeks to become the top dog for 5G tariffs.

The move comes as Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three, states: “The way people consume media is changing and our brand continues to evolve and grow. Our aim was to find an agency partner who truly understands how customers engage with media.”

We’ll have to keep an eye on the partnership and they work they produce in 2020.

Source: Three appoints Zenith to handle UK media account as it eyes 5G crown, The Drum (1 October 2019).

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