Tag: Current Affairs

3rd July 2019

The 2020 Democratic Primaries June Update

We track media coverage of the US Democratic Party presidential primaries. Following the first debates we have updated the tracker for June.

25th June 2019

The 2020 Democratic Primaries

At Signal A.I. we’ve been using AI to track media coverage of the US Democratic Party presidential primaries. Here is the data from January to May.

20th June 2019

EU Elections: Disproving Farage’s claim of BBC bias

Following Nigel Farage’s claim that the BBC didn’t give The Brexit Party enough airtime during the EU elections, we look at the data.

19th June 2019

The Dark Days of the Argentina Power Outage

In the dark about the outage? After the recent blackout in Argentina, Uraguay, and Paraguay, we shed some light on the subject.

23rd May 2019

Brain Freeze or PR Headache?

It can be hard to capitalise on in-moment PR opportunities, here we look at the trend of milkshake attacks on right-wing figures and how brands responded.

29th April 2019

The Milken Institute Global Conference 2019 – Daily Roundups

Follow this blog post for the daily takeaways from the Milken Institute Global Conference 2019.

3rd April 2019

Lessons from Christchurch: How the media finally acknowledged far-right terrorism

Why does the media refuse to call white murderers terrorists? Why, instead, are these killers humanised and we, the reader, encouraged to feel for or relate to them?

6th March 2019

The winners and losers of MWC

Now that the conference is over, and its record-breaking 109,000 attendees have gone home, we look back at the key organisations and topics (as nominated by Ovum) that hit the headlines last week.

25th January 2019

The Rise of the Small Energy Supplier

The UK energy market is a competitive market. We explore industry trends via media coverage.

23rd January 2019

2018 Business news: Carillion, high street highs and lows and 10yrs on from the financial crisis

We look at the top ten business news stories in the UK in 2018.

16th January 2019

The UK news in 2018: Brexit, Brexit and a bit more Brexit

Brexit was the number one news story based on media mentions in the UK press in 2018.

14th December 2018

Theresa May’s nightmare before Christmas

We look at the media coverage Theresa May received during a particularly difficult week in UK.