The AI Global Race: Who will lead in the next ten years?

8.2.20 / 2 min read

At our inaugural Signal AI Leadership Summit on 21st July 2020, we spoke to some of the world’s top business leaders and thinkers about how they are making sense of the information overload, navigating through the current crisis and making decisions in the new normal.

The following the first panel looking at The Great Corporate re-set: ESG in the time of COVID-19, the second panel took a deep dive into the AI Global Race, and who will lead in the next ten years?

Artificial intelligence is poised to transform the way we work, learn and live. How should countries build for AI success? How do you develop a national ecosystem to be both the makers and the takers of AI? Who will be the winners and losers of the AI race, and why? And, how can AI support decision making in the public sector?


  • Session moderator: Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Economist and Partner at Tortoise Media and creator of The Responsibility100 Index and The Global AI Index
  • Professor David Eaves, Lecturer of Public Policy, Kennedy School, Harvard University 
  • Jason Furman, Chief Economist to President Obama 
  • Gila Sacks, Director, Digital and Tech Policy, Department for Culture, Media & Sport (currently Director of Testing Policy & Strategy, NHS Test & Trace)
  • Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at the University of California

Link to the whole event and other sessions from the Signal AI Leadership Summit here.

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