This is Not a Time for Silence

6.3.20 / 4 min read

I would like to share the companywide email from our VP of People, Hanna Linden, and make sure that Signal AI is not silent in this time of great pain and suffering.

Signal AI stands with the Black community in the fight against all forms of #racism, #inequality and #injustice.


“Hi everyone

We always enjoy planning and sending you People team love, maybe even more so now when we aren’t together.

In light of recent events in the US and the continuing need to stand up for everyone’s right to be who they are and be treated equally, we’re taking a slightly different approach.

Given the importance of this message to David, the Board and the leadership team, I’ve copied in the Board here.

We know that the violence and inequity in treatment of black people and minorities  are a cause of great personal distress for many of you and of concern to all of us, more so because we’ve seen this too many times before. It continues to be a disappointment that we haven’t achieved more progress when it comes to racial inequality.

Open Doors, Open Minds is a value core to Signal and this month we’ve decided to action that value in a more concrete way by supporting causes we believe in and feel reflect that value. We’ve made donations to Black Lives Matter  and the NAACP. Given June is Pride month, we’ve also made donations to the Albert Kennedy Trust and The Trevor Project.

Apart from monetary donations to the above organisations, a great way to influence and support these causes is to sign petitions. Our suggestions for Justice for George Floyd are as follows: and These two should work with UK post codes but if not feel free to use our New York office one (NY 10016).

We have also worked with Marketing to make sure Signal’s values are clear externally and the following statement will be on our social channels. Please do share.  “Signal AI stands with the Black community in the fight against all forms of #racism, #inequality and #Injustice. Racism has no place in this world or in our future.  #blacklivesmatter” I attach an image which you can use and you can also add the message to your email signature.

We also have an initiative in the works which I plan to speak more about in the All Hands on Friday. In the meantime please let me know of any ideas or thoughts you might have on how we can help and support.”