Hey, Product Designer, come and join Signal!

Our vision is ambitious

Today, the world’s information is spread across a vast array of data points, from wikipedia to social media, from review sites to the morning’s press, from the latest stock-market data to regulatory filings. But there’s a problem. It’s all siloed. Unconnected. Hard to find.

The first organisation that can connect them together – that can join the dots between the silos of data and put them together in a meaningful way – will forever be at the very heart of the knowledge economy. They’ll be central to every decision made in every business, forming the basis of every C-suite conversation and team discussion.

Signal is going to be that company. We’ve built a world-class artificial intelligence platform for real-time information aggregation and analysis at a massive scale. We proved our value with monitoring and measurement products in the PR&Comms space, and are now joining the dots beyond.

We want to help organisations identify risks and opportunities and see movements in the market before anyone else. We want to help leaders take bold decisions, safe that the data is on their side. We want to connect all those external data points together, uncover the unknown unknowns, and be at the very heart of the knowledge economy

Design is becoming a core part of our thinking

Can we be honest? Our product lacks visual consistency. Moreover, it lacks clear identity. Not that it looks bad, it’s just… average. And we are no longer willing to accept this.

We want people who use Signal to feel that they are using Signal, not a generic tool for media intelligence. We want our product to reflect who we are. We also want to be more creative at exploring different design approaches. We want design to enhance the user experience, not just make things look pretty.

We need to add consistent structure to our design language, create a design system that will evolve as our product evolves to meet the needs of our clients, a design system that can help us deliver more value faster, forever.

We want to play in the same league with the best, AirBnB, Google, Intercom, Mailchimp, Adobe, Slack. We don’t want to follow trends. We want to create them.

We are starting a journey to embed the methods and principles of design into the DNA of our company. We’ve got our leadership’s curiosity and attention. Now we need you, a key driver to make it happen.

There are lots of cool design challenges ahead

How can we design a research tool for non-researchers?
We don’t want to create another dashboard tool that can be used only by trained individuals who hold degrees in data analysis. We want Signal to be accessible to everyone who wants to support their decisions with actionable insights.

How can we protect from data overload?
As we aggregate and analyse more and more different types of data, we need to get smarter when designing data visualisations. We need to create tools that help digest data and explain what data really means and what to do with it.

How can we make people trust AI-driven recommendations?
Decision makers want to be confident and seek information that helps them validate hypotheses. Will they trust an AI when it predicts trends and gives them recommendations? The rise of explainable AI is on the horizon. How to do it well is still a challenge.

How can we help make an impact with the analysis?
If you cannot communicate findings to others, you can’t make an impact with your analysis. We need to show insights in a way that is actionable and easy to understand. Data storytelling must be our next big thing.

What else?

You will have the influence and autonomy to do your job effectively.
You will be able to make significant contributions every day.
You will be able to push the boundaries of design quality.

You will join a close-knit, fully cross-functional product team that makes product releases on a daily basis, decides product direction themselves and regularly tries out new approaches and technologies.

You will join a culture of highly passionate individuals, where learning from mistakes and from each other is a real thing.

Are you interested?