8 Tips on How to Manage A PR Crisis Effectively

Once a scandal breaks, it has a life of its own. All you can do is help guide it as it grows, or withers and dies. But to do that effectively, you must stay ahead of the story. Download a copy of The Ultimate PR Crisis Management Guide.

Webinar: What does Impact really mean in PR Measurement?

Amy Wright, measurement veteran and Account Director at Media Measurement Limited provides insight into what impact means in PR measurement.

Rise of the Challenger Brands

Find out how challenger brands are winning against incumbents with a case study on the rise of the challenger banks.

[Webinar] More than daily mentions: Can A.I. transform the role of PR?

In this panel discussion Felix Danczak, Head of Strategy, Dr. Sylvia Tippmann, Product Data Scientist and Dwane Van Der Sluis, Data Scientist at Signal share their insights on how A.I. analytics are shaping the future of PR & comms.

How A.I. is revolutionising PR: better media monitoring

Media monitoring should be quick, easy and insightful but traditional methods can often be the opposite. When tracking media coverage, you want to achieve two things: Extremely precise searches that exclude irrelevant coverage, and an efficient searching experience that isn’t time-exhaustive or unsustainable.

Webinar: Getting your Message out During Challenging Times

In this webinar Tim Cowen speaks on how he ensures positive initiatives get the media coverage they deserve, despite crises.

How well is your media monitoring adding business value? (Personalised report)

We’ve built a report that helps you understand and communicate that value across the business in both the number of hours you are saving your firm, and the £-value of your work.

Series C Investors: Request to access

Request your access to Signal’s platform.

How Does Your Coverage Rank Against Competitors?

Let Signal’s A.I. help you find out today – Our free Competitive Intelligence snapshot

Media Outlook: Seven Ways A.I. Is Set To Change In 2019

As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, A.I. is profoundly revolutionising the way we live and work, driving change across every single industry.

That Was The News 2018

Report: That Was The News 2018

We analysed the 2018 news to uncover the top 100 stories as reported in the UK

Guide: Winning new business pitches using AI

Download the guide to learn how AI can help your agency win more new business