[Webinar] Surviving (and thriving) in a crisis as a financial communicator

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear industry experts draw on their experience to give you their views on getting ahead of a crisis, how to survive the epicentre and emerge thriving.

[Webinar] Capitol Hill’s communications strategy declassified

Join Scott Overland, Head of Media Relations at Pearson as he shares how his Capitol Hill experience influences his corporate communications strategy.

eGuide: Making the most of market intelligence

For a business to make the right decisions, knowledge of the industry, competitors and market is integral. But performing market intelligence and finding the right information can often be costly, take a long time and provide limited results. We live in an age where doing this sort of intelligence shouldn’t be prohibitive, because the number […]

[Webinar] Augmented Intelligence: How is AI transforming the role of reputation management?

Hear from our Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Dr Miguel Martinez in conversation with our Head of Communications, Georgie Weedon as they share how AI transforming the role of reputation management.

[Webinar] How to leverage AI and technology to boost PR productivity

Join our Americas and APAC President, Matt Brown, and Prosek Partners’ Hillary Ziegenhagen to demystify the role of AI in PR today and what’s to come in the future

[Whitepaper] Measuring the impact of PR: a roadmap to true value

Knowing how and what to measure is key to Comms teams demonstrating success

[Webinar] Reputation Management: navigating turbulent times for long-term success

We discussed how companies can keep a long-term perspective on reputation when confronted with the challenges posed by Covid-19, systemic racism, sustainability and more.

[On-demand] Signal AI Leadership Summit

In partnership with The MBS Group and Tortoise Media, we spoke to some of the world’s top business leaders about how they are making sense of the information overload, navigating through the current crisis and making decisions in the new normal. 

[Webcast] Staying one step ahead of a crisis

Watch this short webcast to help you plan your crisis comms and spot a crisis before it impacts your company’s reputation

[Whitepaper] Why proactivity is the key to managing a reputation

We all understand the benefits of building and maintaining a good reputation. But get it wrong and there are consequences for the entire organisation.

PR & Media Intelligence Glossary

The PR and comms industry is complex, with confusing jargon making it exclusive and difficult to navigate. Download the PR & Media Intelligence Glossary to demystify an entire industry.

[Webinar on-demand] How creative technology will redefine brand communications post lockdown?

This webinar explores how brands have used creative technology during the lockdown and how their communications strategy has been redefined in 2020.