How Does Your Coverage Rank Against Competitors?

Our free Competitive Intelligence Report helps you analyse and compare your brand and competitors against key PR metrics. The report includes:

  • Your brand’s Share of Voice against up to 5 competitors.
  • Your brand’s global media mentions over the last 12 months.
  • A bespoke Media Mix Analysis across print, online, broadcast and blogs.
  • Your brand’s top 5 associated Topics of Conversation.
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Share of Voice Comparison

Instantly visualise the volume of media coverage your brand has generated in direct comparison to that of your competition and instantly get insight into the amount to mindshare your brand commands in the market.  Drill into the coverage and identify key publications, voices of note and topics of conversation that you and your competition have been associated with.

Media Mentions Over Time
Are you leading the conversation? Or have you been dragged into the crisis communications of a competitor? Uncover the peaks and troughs in the coverage you and your competition have generated in the last 12 months and use it to benchmark performance, spot trends and plan for the future.
Media Mix Analysis
Discover the coverage media mix you receive and easily analyse how you stack up against your competitors across Online, Print, Broadcast and Blog content. Immediately see if you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to unlock audience your competition might not be reaching.
Topics of Conversation
Get an understanding of the topics of conversations driving your coverage and the themes you’re most commonly been associated with. Then compare these to those of your competition and see who’s driving new ideas and who are simply managing their reputation.

Want To See What Else Our A.I. Can Do?

Competitive PR analysis is just a small part of what Signal’s A.I. can help you achieve. Request a demo to see exactly how the Signal Platform revolutionizes public relations professionals and executives alike!