See how our customers use Signal AI to make sense of the world's data and make informed and confident decisions.  

Finance leaders look to reputation data to see around corners

How Cult Wines improved quality of coverage and share of voice using Signal AI Dashboards

How Apex Group use Signal AI’s reputational insights to measure and report on perception across multiple regions

Signal AI is a key tool for showing the DEC what they need to know so they can make the right decisions around launching appeals and fundraising for those in need.

“It’s imperative to understand how your message is landing with the audiences you care about and being able to compare that to other brands in your space. This work with Signal AI will help us measure narrative alignment for our clients in a way that’s not been possible before. We’re excited to see the results from this cutting-edge AI technology."

John Connors, CEO

How Deloitte uses Signal AI to access external intelligence and better understand ocean plastic waste

“We are constantly tracking how media interest in topics of importance to our clients develops over time. Signal AI’s data allows us to’ shrink the internet’ so that we can best evaluate what’s happening now and anticipate what’s coming next in order to make the most informed strategic recommendations to our  clients.”

Jeffrey Cutler, EVP MD, US Data Analytics & Performance Marketing

"Thanks to Signal AI we’ve been able to anticipate issues that could have resulted in negative coverage for clients and we were able to help them prevent a potential crisis from ever happening."

Chase Fitzgerald, Vice President

Benjamin Thiele-Long, Director at Cognito, discusses how he integrates Signal AI’s platform in his every day.

Deloitte’s Centre for Regulatory Strategy uses Signal AI to gather information on regulatory developments across the globe and alert over 1,200 stakeholders.

Jennifer Morris, growth director and lead for Accenture’s London FinTech Innovation Lab discusses how they use Signal AI to understand the competitive FinTech landscape.

How Next PR uses Signal AI Dashboards to demonstrate impact and prove ROI

“We’re big fans of Signal AI because of how it helps us be more effective communicators. We use the visualization tools to put information that tells a compelling story in front of our leadership. We use data tracking to understand what we are known for, how we’re doing against our competition and how our messages are resonating. And critically, we use the data to help understand how our key messages and thought leadership themes are performing so that we can adjust our team’s efforts and resources more efficiently.”

Patrick MacElroy, Senior Director of Communications
Black & Veatch

With the power of AI, Byfield’s specialists are able to spot risks early, protect their clients' reputations and help them make more informed decisions.

Signal AI helped UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment to increase the amount of publications scanned daily by 4x; improved service and saved time with real-time alerts.

Scholars at Risk reports on human rights violations within the higher education community and conducts global advocacy using Signal AI - time saved is people saved.

Disaster Emergency Committee

We considered a number of platforms for media monitoring, but Signal  AI stood out to us as being dynamic, forward thinking and keen to offer us a package that would best suit our needs. Their use of AI technology enables us to have unlimited clippings during busy times without extra cost and the flexibility of controlling our media monitoring service from our desktops allows valued agility to keep up with unpredictable and fast moving crises.

Saleh Saeed, CEO
Disaster Emergency Committee

“Working with Signal AI’s newly released API Suite has enabled us to create deeply valuable proprietary reputation products that fuel the kind of insight that is simply impossible without artificial intelligence. The new quantifiable reputation data that Signal AI is able to provide via its SaaS and API Suite is truly helping to change the way reputational decisions are made.”

Jen Prosek, Founding Partner
Prosek Partners

Over 300 Deloitte clients are now being offered an artificial intelligence platform, powered by Signal AI, to transform the way they monitor and assess changes to tax law and regulation.

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Life with Signal AI: Benjamin Thiele-Long, Director at Cognito

"For the Canada Life team, the real-time news alerts are crucial – we simply haven’t got the capacity to monitor newswires 24/7. Having Signal AI in the background doing the job for us is like having an additional member of the team. The light touch is invaluable so we can spend our time being more strategic and making an impact on our business objectives."

Paul Keeble, Head of Media and PR
Canada Life

Artemis needed a solution to enable them to monitor UK and international print, trade and online media coverage, both to gauge the success of PR and comms activity and check for potential reputation issues.

By using Signal AI, Index Ventures has a deeper understanding of what’s happening globally in the markets that matter to them and their portfolio brands.

“Signal AI allows us to provide deep, meaningful analysis of the news for our clients across media types and at scale. I have daily discussions with our consultants about news and media monitoring, and find myself constantly telling them that Signal AI is the perfect tool for what they’re looking for.”

Brian Mossop, Senior Vice President of Insights & Analytics Lead

Bird & Bird’s PR team have saved over an hour a day and now add more value to their business with unlimited media coverage tracking. They have also halved their expenditure on media monitoring since using Signal AI.

“It’s important for us to understand how we stack up against the competition on key challenges. We had struggled to find an efficient reporting tool with expansive monitoring within our budget. With the Signal AI platform, we can organize coverage based on the areas and build this into our Dashboards to help us measure smarter. Now we have the right data that improves our reporting and enables us to better demonstrate ROI on our comms activities.”

Rik Kendall, PR and Media Manager
Northumbria University

Read how Signal AI has helped White Star Capital with business intelligence on its companies, competitors and the market as a whole with access to a wide range of international and foreign language news sources.

Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments

"Where I believe Signal AI have got the edge is in the people they have on board. My client relationship manager is truly heaven sent. They know when I’m up against a deadline and understand when I just need a bit of quick support to execute a report or activity. The Signal AI platform is superior but it’s the humans behind the AI and their can-do approach which makes this intelligent communications solution so perfect and business responsive."

Lora Benson, Head of Media
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

Signal AI makes tasks more efficient for Simmons & Simmons PR and Communications team, saving hours on PR coverage reports and regular media analysis tasks.

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Life with Signal AI: Lauren Jane Heller, Director of Communications at Real Ventures

Signal AI allows Holman Fenwick Willan to tailor their coverage alerts and track topics accurately without the need for complex boolean searches. With news delivered in real time the PR team can take control of their news and campaigns.

Signal AIQ-powered solution allows MBS to have all their key news sources in one place, meaning that Leah doesn’t have to visit dozens of websites each morning.

"Before we started using Signal, we were finding it difficult to spot and consolidate all of our coverage, as the system we had was not picking up a lot of our online mentions. Switching to Signal has really helped us capture that much broader spread of coverage in one accessible and easy-to-use system. The platform has some great in-built features and these are constantly evolving, which means we can always find new and different ways to demonstrate our value in-house. On top of that, our account management team are extremely attentive and always go out of their way to make us feel like a valued customer."

Laura Roberts, Head of Social Impact and Corporate Communications
The Institute of Grocery Distribution

"Signal helps us share critical media coverage to our clients in real-time. The automated functionality of the platform means we can focus on other significant client work and be alerted when we need to read and share important articles."

Gemma Ashley, Director
Fight or Flight