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Balderton Capital leverages Signal AI to save time identifying relevant media stories about themselves and their portfolio

Ben Goldsmith is the Head of PR and Content at Balderton Capital. We spoke to Ben about his experience working with Signal AI.

The challenge

Ben had used a media monitoring provider in the past but did not enjoy the experience. Before using Signal AI, he was mainly using Google Alerts and his own scraping to track the media. This manual solution meant that he wasn’t sure whether he was receiving every piece of coverage, and he had no way to break out coverage of Balderton and its partners from Balderton’s portfolio.

“I had disliked missing stuff in my email alerts, and that doesn’t happen with Signal AI.”

The solution

Ben first heard of Signal AI through a colleague and wanted to see if the solution could work for Balderton. Quickly, he began to see the benefits of a tool that offers limitless media monitoring – he can now monitor articles on Balderton and their portfolio which aren’t available through other services.

Ben uses his daily email alert as a “zeitgeist report for the day”, using the platform to follow up on any interesting stories and taking action. This has not only saved him several hours a week, but he is also often alerted to stories related to Balderton’s portfolio.

Signal AI’s Customer Success team works closely with Ben to help tailor Balderton’s alerts for different stakeholders, to ensure high relevancy. “[Partners] don’t want to see everything, just the important stuff”.

Ben also uses the analysis service, receiving reports on a quarterly basis to enable him to track media coverage by brand, spokesperson, geography, and perform competitor analysis.

“The team is great: they’re really personable and always extremely responsive.”

The results

With the simple interface, Ben can keep his finger on the pulse of not just Balderton’s media coverage, but stories on their portfolio as well. He can now manage high quantities of information quicker and easier, helping him to identify media stories even before his portfolio do.

The intuitive machine learning solution means that Ben is no longer alerted to irrelevant coverage of portfolio companies (which may have ambiguous names).

Signal’s analysts customize Balderton’s reports using internal data supplied by Ben. This enables Ben to give stakeholders a full overview of coverage, engagement, and performance in one quarterly report.

“Signal makes compiling a library of Balderton’s media coverage effortless.”

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About Ben Goldsmith

Ben Goldsmith is head of PR and content at Balderton and is responsible for the firm’s communications, media relations, branding and content. He is focused primarily on the company itself and its partners, but pays attention to Balderton’s portfolio companies too. Ben is also a member of the PR Week 30 Under 30 cohort of 2017.

About Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital is one of the largest venture funds in Europe with over US$2bn of funds raised to date. Portfolio companies and notable investments include Betfair, Lovefilm, The Hut Group, Kobalt Music, Citymapper, and Talend.

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