We spoke to Brian Mossop, Senior Vice President of Insights & Analytics Lead at FleishmanHillard, about their use of Signal A.I. for their clients.

“Signal A.I. allows us to provide deep, meaningful analysis of the news for our clients across media types and at scale. I have daily discussions with our consultants about news and media monitoring, and find myself constantly telling them that Signal is the perfect tool for what they’re looking for.”

“Signal A.I.’s platform has a sophisticated back-end, but easy to use front-end, making it the perfect tool to satisfy both analysts and account staff alike.”

“We regularly use Signal A.I. for client crisis comms, and rely on its real-time alerts to keep us informed as the situation unfolds. Signal’s database of news sources is immense, and over the past six months, there has only been one case where we missed an article, which was from an obscure source that none of our data providers could crawl.”

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