How Next PR uses Signal AI Dashboards to demonstrate impact and prove ROI

“Signal AI not only helps us stay on breaking news and top trends but assists us in demonstrating ROI and value to our clients.”

Next PR is an award-winning public relations firm that helps manage and measure the reputation of its clients. With a range of clients, such as Groupon, Naked Wines, Patagonia, FalconX and Vivid Seats, it’s important for Next PR’s communications experts to harness a tool to demonstrate the impact of their work.

“One of the most important components of PR is showing ROI, the impact of our work and the value we bring to our clients as a partner,” said CEO Heather Kelly.

With many clients to support, it’s important for the team at Next PR to keep a pulse on the media landscape and be agile to clients’ evolving business goals, so it sought a flexible, data driven and adaptable tool and chose Signal AI to get the job done

Instead of spending excessive hours manually adjusting searches or waiting on customer support to do so, Signal AI helps the team set up and easily adjust searches themselves in minutes. By using bulletins to be alerted to coverage in real-time, Next PR can also react to risks and opportunities as they appear. With Signal AI alleviating the time spent on tactical activities, the team at Next PR can focus on proactive outreach, use Signal AI data to inform strategies, and demonstrate impact to clients.

Signal AI helps identify media placements, measure share of voice, track competitor messages and news, keep a pulse on the client industries and assists with overall account strategies.

While Next PR’s experts benefit from AI-powered monitoring and use topics to narrow down areas of interest quickly and easily, they also harness Dashboards to take their PR measurement and reporting to the next level. Dashboards visualizes coverage over time, prominence of mentions, share of voice and topical analysis, It also gives Next PR and other leading comms teams access to data on sentiment and salience to truly understand whether brands are prominent in the coverage that’s being generated, whether it’s positive, neutral or negative, and how these metrics are evolving over time.

As the charts within dashboards can be customized, added and removed, Next PR can build custom measurement visuals for each client based on their goals and the areas they care about.

CEO Heather Kelly said: “Signal AI helps us take reporting a step further because simply reporting on the number of placements secured doesn’t show the value of public relations. With Signal AI’s Dashboards, we’re able to analyze peaks and valleys in coverage volumes, which helps us inform strategy based on news cycles, media campaigns and time of year. Seeing this analysis in a clear, visual format aids our team in presenting and demonstrating ROI to clients. We also use bulletins to stay up to date on news and industry trends.”

With an intuitive and flexible tool in its tech stack, Next PR can easily adapt to the needs of clients and continue to demonstrate its impact. With enhanced media analysis, thanks to sentiment and salience data, combined with AI-powered topics to narrow down to key themes, Next PR gives clients a more detailed understanding of how their brand is perceived and what’s driving their reputation.

This media intelligence tool not only helps us stay on breaking news and top trends but assists us in demonstrating ROI and value to our clients.

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