REV leverages Signal AI to identify niche publications as well as conventionally important news sources, giving them a different perspective and helping the lead generation and deal origination process.

The problem

As an Investment Associate at REV, Luke Smith is constantly scanning the news and undertaking research, looking for suitable investment targets. However, he didn’t want to look in the same places as everyone else. His goal was to find the ‘hidden gems’ which are hard to find for other people in his position.

“Signal has given us an overall view of what is happening without any gaps.”

The solution

Luke needed a way to get hold of interesting content which could provide a different perspective from more mainstream media. Signal AI, which analyses 3 million sources every day, was a perfect fit. For REV to get a competitive advantage, they needed to access niche publications as well as the conventionally important news sources.

To make matters easier, REV had invested in Signal AI’s seed and Series A funding rounds: this meant that collaboration and partnership was a natural route to take.

“When we looked into the platform and realised how powerful it was and how well it fit our use case, it was a no-brainer to start using it.”

The results

Luke uses Signal AI for three core tasks:

  • Unearthing good investment targets
    One of Luke’s responsibilities is deal origination, making initial contact with investment opportunities. Signal’s AIQ-powered tool gives Luke access to a broad mix of publications, meaning he’s served with news that may not be as high-profile in the mainstream media.
  • Weekly news review
    Luke collates a weekly review of the most important information in REV’s sectors: Signal AI is an invaluable tool in putting this together.
  • Disseminating knowledge around the organization
    Luke copies REV’s Partners into relevant email digests, making sure that everyone is up to speed on key sector developments.

Luke usually uses Signal AI once a day to catch up on news in key industry sectors. The platform allows him to tailor and edit his own feeds, ensuring that he can make changes to his content swiftly and easily.

“Signal AI is so simple to use that you can literally self-serve.”

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About Luke Smith

Luke Smith is Investment Associate at REV. Luke is part of the investment team, conducting origination, due diligence, deal structuring, and portfolio management. He is also responsible for market and investment research.

About REV

REV is a corporate venture capital firm that invests in companies that focus on data and analytics. Active since 2000, REV is backed by RELX Group, one of the world’s largest content, technology, and analytics companies.

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