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Signal AI helps Simmons & Simmons save hours on PR coverage reports and regular media analysis tasks.

The problem

Prior to coming across Signal AI, Lauryn had used another media monitoring provider. From time to time, pieces of PR coverage were missed, and the platform was not especially intuitive. In addition, customer support check-ins were not as regular as she would have liked.

An important part of Lauryn’s role is collating end-of-month PR coverage reports on all of the firm’s coverage, which previously took the team many hours to compile. She needed a tech-first solution that would allow her to automate many of these tasks, leaving room for more strategic, high-value work.

The solution

“My first thought was just how easy and efficient Signal AI is to use.”

From the moment Lauryn began using the platform, she realized that the product matched the firm’s desire to push for innovative and forward-thinking solutions in the workplace.

All information relevant to Simmons & Simmons was laid out in an intuitive way for Lauryn, and the way the different parts of the product related to each other made perfect sense.

Simmons & Simmons also enjoyed their first interactions with Signal AI’s team. Everyone Lauryn met was “friendly and knowledgeable”, and the collaborative ethos is welcomed by the Simmons & Simmons PR and communications team. Customer support has been excellent throughout.

The results

‘The team at Signal AI really value my ideas, they listen and take feedback on board, and they are always willing to assist at short notice’

Lauryn and the team have seen a tangible boost to their productivity as a result of using Signal AI. The tool saves Simmons & Simmons 30 minutes per day analyzing incoming PR coverage. This time is then used to dig deeper into the firm’s media coverage, analysing PR activities in more detail and distributing these insights to senior management.

Meanwhile, Signal AI’s coverage reporting function enables Simmons & Simmons to automate what was once a drawn-out process: compiling all coverage into a master report at the end of the month, to send on to key stakeholders within the business. This saves the team between 9 and 10 hours every month, which is a huge benefit to overall efficiency.

These time savings mean that the Simmons & Simmons PR and communications team to focus on developing new opportunities for the business. This involves business development activities or in-depth research projects – which are conducted through Signal AI. The platform’s unlimited monitoring and real-time results allow Lauryn a greater degree of flexibility than previous providers had offered.

In the near future, the PR & communications team at the firm will spearhead the roll-out of Signal AI to partners, embedding the service within the business and ensuring that as many key spokespeople as possible are up to speed on profile raising activities.

“Signal AI is everything you need a media monitoring platform to be and more.”

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Simmons + Simmons

About Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons is a leading international law firm with offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The firm has around 250 partners. Simmons & Simmons’ philosophy revolves around collaboration and innovation: recent awards include “Legal Innovator of the Year” at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards 2016.

Lauryn McKinney is PR and Communications Executive at Simmons & Simmons. She helps run the firm’s press office, liaising with journalists, managing internal communications and searching for new opportunities to publicise the business. Key to her role is protecting the firm’s reputation, making sure that key messages are being communicated and that all PR is on brand.


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