All-new media monitoring for UN-supported investment body

How Signal helped the PRI

Helped UN-supported PRI to increase the amount of publications scanned daily by 4x; improved service and saved time with real-time alerts.

The problem

Joy had previously used another media monitoring company in her work with the PRI. She had enjoyed the service, but felt that there were a few gaps which could have been improved upon. In particular, her budget meant that the amount of publications she could monitor was restricted.

She needed a platform which provided an unlimited solution, allowing her to track as many news sources as required. After being introduced to Signal, Joy saw that the product might be able to solve her problems.

‘My first thought was that this platform had the functionality we’d been lacking.’

The solution

When the PRI began using Signal, Joy found it very convenient to be able to manage her own news flow. She edits and sets up her own feeds without the assistance of an account manager, saving the business valuable time. Every quarter, she uses Signal as a global media monitoring solution to analyse the PRI’s media coverage. This information is then presented to the board.

The PRI analyses media coverage of the organisation’s output and its key spokespeople, but Joy also tracks events and broader developing trends. Signal’s real-time delivery means that Joy is able to get ahead of stories as they break. She can now make sure that the PRI is in the best place to comment and contribute to the debate.

‘I like the fact that I now have control over my media monitoring service.’

In addition, Signal’s limitless global news monitoring – with automatic translation of over 40 languages – has proved to be transformative. On one occasion, the PRI was mentioned at an event in Malaysia, and the comment was picked up by a local newspaper. Signal delivered this mention to Joy, who “would never have been able to see this content” with her previous media monitoring company.

The results

‘The number of publications I’m able to scan has quadrupled.’

Signal’s media monitoring solution has dramatically expanded the number of news sources Joy is able to access on a daily basis. She is now sure that she sees every piece of coverage involving the PRI and its areas of interest.

Joy feels that Signal has been a very positive partner since she came on board, and she is looking forward to seeing how the platform develops in the coming months.

‘Signal has more than met my expectations.’

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About the PRI

The PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) is the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment. The PRI’s goal is to advocate for investments which take environmental, social and governance factors into account, creating a stable, sustainable long-term financial system. Set up in 2006 by the United Nations, the PRI has over 1650 institutional members, which collectively manage $62 trillion of assets.

Joy Frascinella is Head of PR at the PRI. She is responsible for managing global media relations. Working closely with the senior management team and practice areas, she helps to develop the PRI’s key messages as well as maximising publicity for the organisation’s work through comment and thought leadership pieces.