6th December 2016


User-friendly media intelligence for financial PR firm

How Signal helped CitySavvy:


Director Henrietta Hirst is now able to track broad sectors easily with Signal’s revolutionary media intelligence experience. CitySavvy is now scanning far more sources than was possible prior to joining Signal.


The problem


Before being introduced to Signal, CitySavvy had been scanning the web manually to digest relevant news about clients and their sectors. This was a time-consuming process, and it meant that the team was never sure whether they had missed an important article.


Henrietta had experienced many different press clipping agencies in the past without ever finding one she considered reliable. When CitySavvy needed to track a specific story in the financial trade press, Henrietta was keen to find a media intelligence tool that worked, one that provided an easy user experience and with an intuitive search function. She was referred to Signal, and began using the platform for herself.


The solution


‘Signal delivered exactly what I needed, quickly and efficiently.’


When Henrietta was introduced to Signal, her first thought was how intuitive and easy the platform is to use. Every morning, she runs searches for specific companies and on the wider industries she needs to know about. She is a fan of Signal’s simple search functionality and the system’s speed.


In particular, the range of options available when viewing news articles appeals to Henrietta: users can either click through to the publication’s site or (when appropriate) view PDF versions of print content. Signal’s ability to offer this media intelligence in virtual real time is essential for CitySavvy to deal with stories that develop quickly.


Signal’s depth of coverage is also a selling point. The platform’s wide range of premium financial sources, coupled with limitless tracking, means that CitySavvy is not restricted by the amount of publications or articles they can monitor.


The results


‘I’m now exposed to articles that I wouldn’t necessarily have been aware of otherwise.’


Signal is not only saving Henrietta and her CitySavvy team time every day but making them more efficient. The firm’s market scanning has been much improved.


In addition, Henrietta has been impressed by Signal’s customer support: “I haven’t needed to engage with them particularly often, but they’re always there when you need them and are invariably polite and helpful.”


In the coming weeks and months, CitySavvy will be looking at rolling out Signal’s media intelligence service to all client accounts and service teams across the firm’s two offices. As well as spearheading this drive, Henrietta is also recommending Signal to other PR and communications consultancies in her network.


‘You’ve brought a very sophisticated piece of technology to the market.’


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About CitySavvy


CitySavvy is a financial and corporate communications specialist. The firm works with many different kinds of financial institution, including global brands such as Invesco, State Street, and Hedge Fund Research.  Founded in 2005, the team operates out of two offices in London and Amsterdam, but the business services clients globally. CitySavvy provides high-level strategic advice, communications and media engagement planning.


Henrietta Hirst is one of CitySavvy’s directors. She has 30 years of experience in financial and corporate PR and specialises in international business media relations. She has a particular focus working with alternative assets sector clients.