15th October 2016

Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW)

Tailored press monitoring to stay on top of news in real time

How Signal AI helped Holman Fenwick Willan


Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) are an international law firm and need to track a wide range of news topics as well as their brand and spokespeople. With traditional press monitoring services, they would not have flexibility or budget to expand searches as they need.


Signal AI allows them tailor their coverage alerts and track topics accurately without the need for complex boolean searches. With news delivered in real time the PR team can take control of their news and campaigns.


The problem


Finding a press monitoring solution that tracked news in real time


Kate needs to identify and respond to news quickly. Prior to using Signal, she needed to supplement their media monitoring solution with manual Google searches and alerts, as news was not delivered as it happened. This resulted in spending long painful hours refreshing Google or sifting through irrelevant content, and there was often a chance something would be missed. If she wanted to change or add a search within HFW’s existing press monitoring service, there was a long delay, by which time the news agenda had moved on.


“I often had to supplement my press monitoring with Google searches, especially for when we wanted to monitor a client or case, which was not part of our standard monitoring. I needed a flexible solution that I could change searches as I needed. For instance, if a client had an announcement, I had to rely on Google, which is so basic. I had to spend time sifting through the noise to find what I wanted, creating more and more work.”


The solution


Taking control of our press monitoring and reporting


Monitoring the press media has been an issue for some time for HFW, so Kate was pleasantly surprised when she saw Signal. It was something completely different in the market, and endlessly adjustable to her changing needs. By using the platform, she could be in control of what news her team tracked and she could see it in real time, the benefits were clear.


“I never knew such a tool existed that could solve all my issues. The set up was simple, and not generic – there was thought put into it. We could tailor it to our needs, or ask our account manager, whose quick response time is overwhelming. If I ever have an issue it is solved within an hour and often even faster. With Signal’s real time news alerts, I no longer need to use Google to track our news. I can turn on real time alerts instantly, allowing me to looking deeper into our industry and different news topics, finding opportunities for our firm to make a real impact.”


The result


Discovering and sharing news, demonstrating the value of PR


Now that Kate can track the news she needs and can share it as it happens with partners and the wider firm in seconds, she has been able to carve out the time and resource to elevate the value of the work she and her team produces. She can now be proactive in looking for new opportunities, rather than tracking what has already happened.


“We ran an event, which a Times reporter had written an article on prior to the event taking place of his own accord and without our knowledge or involvement. Lawyers can be wary of the media, but when we came across the piece of PR from The Times almost instantly through our regular press monitoring, we were able to share it internally instantly. Partners could see power of our PR and the value it can create for the firm and so became less resistant to future campaigns. We could not have tracked such a campaign if we did not have limitless search.”


With Signal topics, Kate can expand her tracking to general news searches and topics quickly at no extra cost, allowing her to implement campaigns and stories she may not have had the necessary data to do.


“Signal has allowed us to see not just coverage related to HFM, but also what the wider industry are talking about – particularly the impact of Brexit across varying sectors in which we work. We can track the stories we are actively promoting, but also pick up the background around the subject and topic, allowing us to get more coverage.”


About Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW)


Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) is an international law firm, with over 500 lawyers and fee earners working across Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. They specialise in selected industries to provide their clients with in-depth knowledge and legal advice.


Kate Dunn, Brand Executive at HFW works with Signal every day. She is responsible for all things PR, from briefings, bulletins, thought leadership and how the firm is recognised in the media. It is vital that she can track news accurately and fast, and report back to the partners.


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