27th April 2020

Life with Signal AI: Benjamin Thiele-Long


In a new series entitled Life with Signal AI, we’ll be speaking to some of our customers about how they work with us and how our product has transformed decision making in their business and their careers.

Benjamin Thiele-Long is Director at Cognito and a dedicated Signal AI user. In his Life with Signal AI, he discusses how he integrates Signal AI’s platform in his every day. Benjamin also describes how he is able to monitor what matters, never miss out on coverage and provide value to his clients.

“It’s something I rely on every single day… It saves us a lot of time on reporting and monitoring, meaning we have more time to do proactive engagement, pitch and get more opportunities for clients.”

About Benjamin Thiele-Long

Benjamin Thiele-Long is Director at Cognito, with experience across corporate and consumer public relations, proactive marketing, thought leadership campaigns, and reputation and issues management.

As a former lawyer, he is an experienced crisis and issues management advisor. He has provided crisis planning and support for major international brands in manufacturing, retail, banking, and religious and academic institutions.

About Cognito

Cognito is a global integrated PR, marketing and communications agency, founded in 2000. It specialises in growing and managing the reputation of finance, tech and professional services organisations.


In this on-demand webinar Benjamin showcases data-driven PR at work with examples from his own career and the wider PR and Comms industry. Get actionable insights into:

Pitching journalists with compelling stories
Creating data-led PR strategies
Going beyond vanity metrics