27th April 2020

Life with Signal AI: Lauren Jane Heller


In a new series entitled Life with Signal AI, we’ll be speaking to some of our customers about how they work with us and how the product has transformed decision making in their business and their careers.

Lauren Jane Heller is Director of Communications at venture capital firm Real Ventures. She discusses how Signal AI has helped free up her time so she can focus on helping companies grow and adding to the tech ecosystem in Canada. Lauren also talks through how she and her team have benefited from Signal AI’s dedicated and responsive customer success team.

“It doesn’t feel transactional, it feels like they actually want to help… It’s really clear the Signal AI platform has saved us tonnes of time and also a lot of money.”

About Lauren Jane Heller

Lauren is a passionate storyteller, communicator and connector. She thrives on adding value and impacting change in the world through her ideas and how she presents them.

Through her work as a community organizer, tech journalist, communications consultant, and her current role at Real Ventures, Lauren strives to inspire and educate others about technology’s potential to positively impact the world on a large-scale.

About Real Ventures

Real Ventures is a Canadian-based venture capital firm with $330m under management. Started in 2007, it aims to provide capital and support to entrepreneurs developing world-class game-changing technology.


Revisit Lauren’s on-demand webinar, as she explains what makes messages sticky and how to leverage word of mouth to get your ideas to catch on. Get actionable insights into:

  • Crafting memorable and contagious messages
  • Harnessing the power of word of mouth
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