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Decision Augmentation:
The only way to make better decisions

The volume and variety of sources of data are overwhelming. Business leaders are forced to make decisions based on fragmented data that lacks personal context.  

Decision Augmentation connects data, spots what you need to know, removes your blind spots, and makes recommendations for the right decision.

Flawed Decision-Making

Decision Augmentation

Fragmented data

Important data exists in silos with too many incongruous and overwhelming data feeds

Connected at Scale

AI sifts through the best mix of data sets to spot what you need to know or don’t want to miss

Lacking context

You don’t know what you need to know, can’t see around the corner and current systems don’t understand your context


A human-AI feedback loop surfaces and interprets data that is relevant for you - things you know to look for as well as those you don’t

Ineffective Decisions

You are forced to make rapid decisions without the insights you need as the situation is changing under your feet

Effective Decisions

The system uses discoveries based on your context to recommend next steps so you can make the right decision

Decision Augmentation transforms decision making

Decision Augmentation is AI-based technology that understands your decision-making needs and surfaces information that can help.

Signal AI Decision Augmentation blueprint

Decision Augmentation takes the world’s fragmented data and connects it, covering every language, data type, modality, from global premium print to local news outlets, from broadcast to blogs, regulatory filings to company financials, internal and external, unstructured and structured.

Machine learning technology intelligently transforms data to knowledge. It unearths the topics and entities, sentiment and saliency, clustering and ranking and transforms this morass of information into structure so you can derive meaning from the world’s data.

Decision Augmentation creates a Human-AI feedback loop that evolves with you - the more you interact with the system the better it understands you and the more effective it becomes. Create your own proprietary organizational framework by training the platform to monitor what matters to you, and spot risks and opportunities, as they emerge. Understand the landscape, benchmark and index against your own strategy, and surface unknown unknowns. Receive suggestions and predictions about issues and events that matter to you, in real time.

Whether responding to a PR opportunity or crisis, reacting to a disruption in your supply chain, or tracking your ESG Performance, the platform will augment decision making ahead of time.

Augmented Intelligence

AI allows businesses to surface levels of external data, information, and insight that would have traditionally been inaccessible. From analyzing complex content and sentiment to categorizing subject matter within documents, AI helps organize information in an understandable format, within seconds of the content being published. This is an impossible task for a human to do without technology, and eminently more effective when combined with human intelligence.

Some of the most powerful and impactful AI tools are those that help or augment the human experience. The idea of AI systems that augment human capability is known as Augmented Intelligence and is at the forefront of Decision Augmentation.

“Augmented Intelligence is one of the most exciting and significant technological developments of our time and is already changing the way we make decisions.”

David Benigson, CEO, Signal AI

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