As the exploding volume and velocity of data available to businesses intensify, decision makers are under pressure to understand the risks and opportunities associated with their organization, and are making decisions in the dark.

Our decision augmentation solution comes to understand what matters to you, sifts through the world’s deluge of information on your behalf and delivers knowledge for informed and confident decision making.

Insight to stay ahead.

Trained to understand your unique decision context, the Signal AI solution surfaces the right information instantly so you are informed in the moment.

Knowledge that creates confidence.

Signal AI’s AIQ identifies and maps relationships between the companies, people, products, and topics that matter to you, so you can make decisions with confidence.
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Decision Making for the Makers, Breakers and Shakers Decision Augmentation brings essential knowledge to everyday decision making so you can move with confidence at every turn.


Signal AI uses an AI and human feedback loop—or AIQ—to learn and understand your decision-making context, monitor the world’s data and extract relevant knowledge.


Signal AI surfaces relevant knowledge through the Signal ® SaaS interface, real-time alerts, interactive dashboards and a suite of APIs.


Signal AI is trained over time to provide insights, helping you plan your next move and make informed and confident decisions.
EY utilizes Signal AI’s decision augmentation solution to power a trust score, enabling clients to make more informed decisions. Read their story.
“By incorporating data from Signal AI, EY is able to provide clients with a trust metric which gives them an understanding of how their company is perceived by different stakeholders and in different areas which will help them make decisions for the long term.”
Ross Jackson
Associate Partner and EY Trust Analytics Leader

Decision Augmentation in Action

The State of Decision Making Report 2021, based on a survey of 1,000 business leaders, explores decision-making drivers and blockers and how technology can be applied to gain greater confidence in the decision making process.

The findings show that the process supporting business decision makers is in need of transformation.

  • Over 85% of leaders prioritize reputation over margin when they’re making business decisions.
  • Almost all leaders surveyed are looking for a new decision making process and think that technology is the solution for this – 96% think technology solutions can help you make decisions differently and result in better outcomes. 
  • Most leaders feel they have too much data when it comes to decision making – 80% of leaders feel they have too much data to weigh up when making decisions. 
  • A large majority of business leaders say that the decisions they make at work equate to at least 40% of the revenue of their company.
Read The State of Decision Making Report 2021

Close the Gap Between Complexity and Understanding

Signal AI’s AIQ is the scalable and trainable brain within Signal AI that extracts knowledge from over 5 million news, blog, broadcast and regulatory documents each day.

AIQ identifies the concepts, sentiment and relationships from everything it “reads” and identifies connections between the companies, people, products, topics and other concepts that it has been trained to understand.

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Decision Augmentation Insights

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