Powering more informed and confident decision making

As the exploding volume and velocity of data available to businesses intensifies, decision makers are under pressure to better understand the perception, reputation and risk associated with their organization.

Our decision augmentation solution – backed by Signal AI’s AIQ – comes to understand the factors that influence your decision making, sifts through the world’s deluge of information on your behalf and delivers knowledge for informed and confident decision making.

How does decision augmentation by Signal AI work?

  • Understand. Signal AI uses an AI and human feedback loop—or AIQ—to learn and understand your decision making context, monitor the world’s data and extract relevant knowledge.
  • Deliver. Signal AI surfaces relevant knowledge through a SaaS interface, real-time alerts, interactive dashboards and a suite of APIs.
  • Act. Signal AI is trained over time to provide predictive and prescriptive insights, helping you plan your next move and make more informed decisions.

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