Benchmark your ESG performance against your competitors, stakeholders, and other investments in real-time.

Monitor shifting perceptions of products and performance.

 Asset owners and investment managers can leverage Signal AI to monitor the performance of their corporate assets against ESG metrics with bespoke and off-the-shelf frameworks (such as SASB or UNSDG) to support ESG strategy.

How Signal AI can help:

  • Through off-the-shelf AI models, leveraging Signal AI's off-the-shelf ESG topics such as diversity in the workplace.
  • By utilizing our AIQ technology which allows you to track ambiguous-named brands in your portfolio and distinguishes people, products, components, and locations.
  • By using our translated global data to understand local markets.
  • Through real-time alerts that can serve as an early warning.
Improve investor relations with Signal AI

Know your supplier’s vulnerabilities better than they do.

Focus your efforts on ethical investing with a programmatic lens on ESG performance.

Understand your ESG perception score:

  • Deep and diverse content – such as media, social, regulation – is the key ingredient that provides a lens beyond the traditional metrics and sources.
  • Custom machine-learning models trained on pillars of perception (e.g. ethics, financial scandal, brand perception) that contribute to the creation of a perception score.

Raise capital and improve investor relations.

Gain a competitive edge in profiling potential investments and find prospects according to your defined ESG fingerprint. Our AI-powered company entities make the process quick and accurate.

Signal AI helps you:

  • Develop a “fingerprint” (model) of your definition of ESG topics (e.g. ethics and sustainability) creating custom AI-trained topic scanning.
  • Integrate with your own platform to ensure analysts have access to insights in a single tool in real-time
  • Use the Signal ® platform for bespoke and standard framework ESG reporting
“Improve investor relations or raise capital by proving the ESG perception of your company.”

Track your position on ESG regulatory frameworks in real-time.

Regulatory and compliance pressures are growing at an unprecedented rate, whether these are at the macro or micro level. Gain first-mover advantage and track everything from changes in markets where you and your assets operate right through to any rumored shifts in policy.

Gain an edge by:

  • Accessing global data - Signal AI mines everything from new regulatory and compliance data and company announcements through to whitepapers and research in over 200 global jurisdictions from over 2000+ outlets all translated using machine learning.
  • Utilizing our AI-powered custom topic classification to detect when issues are being discussed without singular naming conventions which can be integrated with your platform
Know your suppliers exposure better than they do

Signal AI’s ESG management tool uses artificial intelligence to interpret data and turn it into key in-the-moment insight for ESG leaders. Fuel your ESG performance with trainable AI today.

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