The success and reputation of a business is intertwined, and your outside world has never had a greater impact on your business.

Businesses’ reputation can be impacted in ways not seen before, not just by investors, employees and customers, but pressure groups, policymakers, regulators and more.

Yet your external environment is harder than ever to grasp. Business leaders feel overwhelmed in an ever more complex world; Too much Information. Not enough intelligence. Decisions made in the dark.

Make sense of your external environment




unknown unknowns

Decisions in
the dark

decision making

Signal AI provides External Intelligence to make sense of what's happening in the outside world.

Our AI crunches huge amounts of information to spot critical signals in the external noise, so businesses can get ahead of risk and opportunity and make confident decisions.

With Signal AI’s External Intelligence Graph, which gives an intelligent view of an organization’s external environment, Business Leaders can surface the right insights to make informed decisions faster.

  • Uncover blindspots and bias in your data with diverse content
  • Harness AI-powered knowledge extraction to transform vast amounts of unstructured external signals into proprietary structured data
  • Gain a structured, intelligent view of your external environment via the
    External Intelligence Graph
  • Flexibly access the External Intelligence Graph in a way that suits you
  • Augment decisions with quantifiable insights

External Intelligence Graph:
Mapping the relationships you care about

With Signal AI’s External Intelligence Graph, business leaders can access the right insights to make confident decisions faster.

  • Understand the relationships between Entities, like organizations, and Topics, like sustainability, and discover unknown unknowns
  • Gather knowledge about how organizations and people are perceived, and how this perception changes over time
  • Interrogate the content behind the intelligence and uncover the number of people it has reached
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Decision Augmentation in Action

The State of Decision Making Report 2021, based on a survey of 1,000 business leaders, explores decision-making drivers and blockers and how technology can be applied to gain greater confidence in the decision making process.

The findings show that the process supporting business decision makers is in need of transformation.

  • Reputation is a more important priority than margin in the business decision making process, according to 85% of business leaders
  • Almost all leaders surveyed are looking for a new decision making process and think that technology is the solution for this – 96% think technology solutions can help you make decisions differently and result in better outcomes. 
  • Most leaders feel they have too much data when it comes to decision making – 80% leaders feel they have too much data to weigh up when making decisions. 
  • A large majority of business leaders say that the decisions they make at work equate to at least 40% of the revenue of their company.
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