External Intelligence Graph: Gain an structured view of the world's content

The Signal AI External Intelligence Graph is home to our Data and Analytics. It provides a near real-time intelligent view of organizations’ external environments.

Understand the relationships between Organizations and Topics of interest, such as Sustainability and Diversity, now and over time to provide intelligence around trends, patterns and changes.

At its foundation, the External Intelligence Graph is a structured, intelligent view of the world’s content.

It provides an AI-powered holistic view of the relationships between all Entities, such as Organizations and Spokespeople, and Topics, such as the areas of focus for a business.

Gain an accurate understanding of how closely Entities and Topics are related by the external world, and the sentiment between those relationships.

Discover relationships between Organizations and Trends, unearthing unknown unknowns

  • Understand the strength of connection between Entities and Topics, now and over time
  • Understand the sentiment towards an Entity in relation to a Topic, now and over time
  • Discover previously unknown connections between Entities and Topics to power decision making

Understand how organizations and people are perceived, and how this perception changes over time

  • Uncover the volume of coverage of Entities and Topics
  • Reveal the sentiment towards Entities
  • See how volume of coverage and sentiment is changing over time

Interrogate the content behind the intelligence and uncover the number of people it has reached

  • Monitor and report on the most relevant articles about Entities and Topics of interest
  • Understand the impact of content with related reach and Twitter share information
  • Set up proactive alerts and feeds about Entities and Topics of interest