Watch: How to Avoid a Crisis Before it Happens

With advancements in technology the world has never been more connected and one customer’s bad experience can result in a crisis for a company. But tech has also made it easier to prepare for, and spot crises, before they happen.

Join Chase Fitzgerald, Vice President at Archetype, as he discusses brands that have been burnt by preventable and avoidable crises. He’ll also explore:

  • Identifying early warning signs that fit your company and community.
  • Listening for cultural cues that can inform your messaging strategy.
  • Preparing internal stakeholders today, for crises that can happen tomorrow.

About Chase Fitzgerald

Chase has a long history of getting brand’s attention using digital and social media through non-traditional means. His work spans across early stage startups to Fortune 10 brands. Chase built social media program for dozens of consumer electronics and technology brands including the hyper-local and influencer relations program for AT&T as well as the social media pilot for its prepaid arm Cricket Wireless. He is currently advising on media measurement, influencer and social strategy for Waze, Slack, Capital One, Ecobee and Accel.