Stay ahead of portfolio developments and risks with External Intelligence

Make sense of fragmented and overwhelming external data and spot critical signals in the external noise. Surface objective, actionable insights across your portfolio from a fully automated platform for more informed, effortless monitoring.

What we do

Signal’s External Intelligence Platform quickly, accurately, and thoroughly surfaces insights across your portfolio from a market-leading global content set. Discover missing data, remove the noise with custom filtering and access intelligence in a way that fits your needs.

Access all portfolio press mentions with our global content set

Signal AI’s content covers 5 million documents per day across 200 markets and in 75 languages, including access to published media, blogs/forums, regulatory sources, podcasts, and broadcast media, ensures that all facets of your portfolio are covered and limits your exposure to incomplete data.

See how Principles for Responsible Investment increased the amount of publications scanned daily by 4x and saved time with real-time alerts.

Custom filters surface only the most important stories to maximise your efficiency

Our frameworks automatically filter for the most important topics so you can spend your time harnessing these insights to help your portfolio companies, not sifting through troves of data or Google Alerts. With a home for your data and insights, you can look back at historical content on all company events.

Find out how Index Ventures gained a deeper understanding of global markets that matter to them and their portfolio brands.

No more seeking insights, they come to you

Signal’s portfolio monitoring tool has multiple access points so it fits into your workflow via periodic email bulletin, Dashboards via the Signal web app, and API integrations – no new habits required. Add and remove companies in seconds.

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How to access External Intelligence

“We wanted to track a variety of topics in the news globally that relate to the sectors our portfolio companies operate in such as fintech, mobility and retail. The breadth and depth of content with the ease and flexibility of the tool made Signal AI the right choice for us.”

Vojtech Horna

Index Ventures

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