Media monitoring should not only support you in tracking your organization’s coverage, competitors, and industry – it should also empower you to look beyond your immediate known universe. However, historically media monitoring has been limited by cost, content, and cumbersome technology.

Signal AI’s combination of the industry’s most diverse content set and cutting edge AI-powered search functionality allows you to not only understand how your current activities are affecting your reputation but also to uncover unseen opportunities, risks, and areas of intrigue.

  • Traditional Print – We have a network of thousands of partners that deliver the world’s print media directly into the Signal AI platform before, or immediately after publication.
  • Online Media – From global and local sources to blogs and journals, monitor millions of articles across the world in real-time giving you a true “follow the sun” strategy.
  • Broadcast Media – Fully integrated, comprehensive coverage of both national and local TV and radio broadcast media available immediately after live broadcasts.
  • Podcast – Regular access and insights from nearly 20,000 stations globally, delivered within hours of airing to Signal AI. AIQ platform processes and delivers hyper relevant insights, empowering you to share across your organization and supplement the intelligence used to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Regulation and Legislation – Content from nearly 1,700 of the world’s governmental, regulatory, and judicial institutions that you can drill down to the state/regional level to understand how legislation changes will affect you.
  • Consumer Print – Access to over 1,250 premium glossy magazines, our collection includes top-selling international titles from over 35 countries.
  • International Translated Content – Access to thousands of the world’s most premium non-English publications, automatically translated into English and enriched with our AI metadata.

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